Monday, April 17, 2017

Holy Week


A great service at St Martin's as always. Afterwards we took our friend Julie and a Alex, young man who started coming to the church, to lunch. Very nice and lively conversation. And then we went shopping, my not so favorite pastime. On the way home a telephone call from Sarah to come over for dinner. Lucky. Our last stop was the supermarket and we could pick up some items for her too. She had been working that day.

When we arrived at their house we found them on a blanket in the front "having a picnic".

Monday - the monthly lace meeting. When I arrived at Gail's door ...

... she showed me this:     (I had to stretch and hold the camera high not seeing what I took a photo of)

Back at home after the meeting I still had work to do. We had promised the granite people to send measurements of the kitchen counter. I found making a drawing was the best way.

Monday evening we had a neighborhood HOA meeting. James is the president and had to call a special "workshop" meeting. The by-laws have to be revised. He has his work cut out for him. Since then we have been told again and again how well the meeting went and how happy everybody is that James is the president.

Tuesday I had two quilt group meetings. Both were fun.

But Wednesday we finally decided to tackle a project for Sarah. She had told me shortly after the twins were born that the fireplace hearth needs something to make it safe when they start moving about and I had promised her to come up with something. James and I had gone to Ashland a few days ago to buy the foam. Few days ago we had also bought the wood and Sarah had decided on the fabric. O.k. here we go... a start.

When you don't have a pattern and no directions its a bit nerving. But with some courage (to cut the fabric) and James and his staple gun all went well. I think it turned out practical and good looking. Sharp edges defused.

We were able to attend Wednesday and Thursday Holy Week services.
And we are ready for Helen and William to arrive Friday. All is good.


  1. Is that a REAL nest and eggs in that wreath??

    That hearth-guard is SO smart. I have a 31 year old niece with a dent in her forehead from falling into Momma’s hearth when she was just walking! Your invention would have come in handy. You should put it on Etsy!

    1. Yes, a real nest with real eggs. I miss the next lace meeting. I should email my friend and ask her how the birds are doing.