Sunday, April 30, 2017

Look what I just found

When you have a workman in your kitchen and can't do anything "normal" all day, you might suddenly come across something to surprise you.

I found a file!!!     In 2009 we went on a trip to South Africa with Kate (James' sister) and Dave. This time Dave and Kate had arranged to book us on a group trip with Kuoni, a Swiss travel company. James had arranged our flights and we were to meet in Johannesburg. It was a really great trip. So happy I found the PDF file "South Africa" and here it is!

Yes, Sunday evening. The backsplash in the kitchen is done. Paco worked hard from 7:55 in the morning (James and I had to take turns to go to church) until 7 in the evening. It looks great though. After a "what's in the pantry or fridge" supper we went for a walk. What a lovely night. A light warm breeze. If you were not afraid to trip (while walking) you could close your eyes and be sure to be in the Caribbean. And it is the last day of April!


  1. Looking forward to reading the trip report, Christa! I always enjoy your travels!

    1. I started reading it too and things came alive again. So many things I had already forgotten. Love my "journals". So helpful.