Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Europe Day 3 - still in Holland

I should have started to sleep sooner. William woke up at 4 am. Suddenly he stood next to my bed. He was very sweet and crawled into my bed. We both rested but didn't sleep more. Later he listened at the connecting door and asked why the others were not awake.

Around 8 am everybody was up and dressed. William entertains himself with another cheap toy purchased yesterday. 



Breakfast is included. Buffet of course. Really very nice. 


The famous "Burr egg". I had a boiled egg and started to tell Martina about our tradition of turning the empty shell over and asking another person whether they would like to have an egg. He had so much fun when everybody had a turn pretending. 



In the hotel's lobby can't pass up an opportunity of picture-taking. 



The weather wasn't nearly as nice as yesterday and we decided on a walk through the dunes. We might see wild horses. 


Half way there is a shelter and we were lucky to see horses there. 




A little further we found that we could even get closer. 








It was quite a walk. By now I had at least 10000 on my Fitbit. William had a thorn in his sandel and also was very very tired. (4 am is a long time ago). I decide to piggy-back just a little distance. He also kept saying that he was cold and I thought this might snuggle a little warms. 




We found a place with hot chocolade. Helen had heard about wonderful apple pancakes in this area and we got one to try between us. Not bad but it was smothered with too much cinnemon. Instead of maple syrup the Dutch also have something called "schenkstroop" made from sugar beets. 



William investigates a bird sculpture made with trash found on the beach. Quite clever. 



To rest a little we head back to the hotel. A picture from the balcony. 


William wants to go to the beach again and the sun seems to be back. On the way we find a hat for him he really likes. His selection. 
Again he runs around again at the beach but it is not as warm as it looks. There is quite a cold wind blowing. So happy to have that hat for him.




He wants to know what that foam is. No internet, no googling. 


It is just too cold and we decide to go back. Just before we leave the beach there is a sheltered place with some refreshments. Plexiglass windbreakers. Inge and I ordered a fresh mint tea with honey which was very nice. Martina had a coffee and William a Bockwurst im Brötchen. He ate it but hardly touched his milk. He got a bad case of jetlag and we decided that he needed a nap. He was very happy to already leave with Martina so I could settle the bill. When Inge and I came to the room he was already fast asleep. 



He hardly moved at all. 


We felt we needed to wake him after a long nap but we had a terrible time to do that. We tried many things including the washcloth. Finally he was moving somewhat like a marionette and he even read to Martina while I showered. 
Buffet dinner down in the hotel restaurant was not a total success though. We did managed to get him to eat something but he seemed so miserable tired trying his best to be sweet and patient that I broke off my dinner and took him upstairs. No matter what the hour ... it was time. He patiently had a quick bath which he usually would have enjoyed and dragged out but then fell into bed. He kept asking whether it was bedtime yet. I told home not for a while but not to worry. If he would wake up early he could crawl into my bed to cuddle whenever and he gave me a sweet "o.k."

It is just after 9 pm now. Another picture from the same balcony as earlier today. 


We will chat a little bit in the other room and then I will settle to sleep too. It was another active day (with 17539 steps Fitbit tells me). Another really super day. 

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  1. Lovely pictures. William is better behaved than lots of adults with jet lag! Tell him HI from Virginia. I am feverishly trying to pack Easter up before Pentacost! Wish I were there instead! LOL