Saturday, May 6, 2017

8 years in the making

I was never fond of my kitchen. Not enough countertop space and the half-wall made me feel confined. And then within a few days it all fell into place. I already reported two blogs ago.
We went to a granite place and selected two slabs.
We went home, measured, made a drawing and emailed it.
Got a quote.
Walter (from the granite company) came, altered the half-wall and moved two outlets.
Somebody came to take "real" measurement for the "templates".
The granite had been made to measure and installed (which took about one hour).

Got my under-mount sink.

Testing the overhang (with take-out from Panera). Like it!

Paco, who had installed the countertop "mentioned" that he also does tiles. First chance we have we select and buy what is needed for the backsplash, on a Friday 15 minutes before they close for the weekend.
Regular tiles, tiles with round edges on the long side, tiles with round edges on the short side, thin set (adhesive), grout, etc etc.

Paco comes on Sunday at 7:55 am to install. James and I take turns going to church. It takes him all day. I am glad I didn't suggest we do it ourselves. I was tempted since I know how. I had watched my grandpa lots of times and even helped. Opa Otto had to whittle his spacers himself though. These little plastic things all come ready in bags.

So excited. Love it. What a difference.

And the bonus: the two floor tiles which we discovered cracked after an earthquake got replaced. Paco said, "no problem". And we found the spare matching tiles in the attic and even the grout too.

And we found the perfect little table in an antique store. Luckily very reasonable too. It has two round drop-leave sides.

Breakfast with butter and English marmalade seemed very appropriate.


  1. It looks gorgeous! And you've inspired a deadly sin in me - envy! Haha! Seriously, I'm so glad that you've got that all done and can enjoy it now!

    1. And now comes the hard part. Uncluttering. I don't want to put everything back on top of the counter. But where to leave it? I think serious sorting out has to happen. Sigh.