Monday, May 8, 2017

This and That

Quickly just some photos taken randomly. Dropped by Sarah's. Can't remember why. Owen usually is a week or two behind Colin doing something. This time he is ahead. He already has 4 teeth. Teething makes them both a bit cranky.

Not doing much gardening these days but I enjoy when something is doing something around our place.

Ha, we were sitting in the living room when I spotted something on the outside on one of the window screens.

Of course I had to go outside to take another photo. Is he our friend from last year?

Tuesday May 2 we felt like going on an outing. Furniture shopping? One of James' hiking friends had told him about this furniture store in Farmville. We just felt we had to check it out. It was worth seeing. It seems that the whole town is one furniture store. We went through several buildings.

Couldn't resist taking a photo of the sign at the top of the ladder. Can't really see anybody wanting to go there.

We had lunch at a table next to the Appomattox River. It was relaxing and peaceful.

Another sign I couldn't resist. This one was for sale though.

Wednesday (May 3) Sarah and Wade invited us for dinner. It is always easier for them to have us at their house. Especially since it was soon the twins' bedtime. Colin is wondering what Caleb is doing in his dinner place. Funny.

Last year I had met Gisela (originally from Germany) who knows a lot of Germans in the area at a quilters' meeting. Shortly afterwards she had invited to a German books give-away (down sizing). 
In April Anne had invited to a German Kaffeeklatsch.
In May (Thursday) Gisela had invited again since she and Peter had sold their house and are moving (but luckily only in the area). We are about a dozen and would like to make it a monthly get-together. German spoken!

Thursday evening: packing!


  1. I love that green fellow. We only get the little brown ones!

    1. Ha-ha, I had to look who the little green fellow was. Freddie, the frog. A brown one wanted to hop into my garage the other day when I came home in the dark, I think from ECW. Very careless of him (or her). I almost drove over him (or her).