Saturday, May 27, 2017

Testing testing


Back home from Nashville. There is lots to do. Less then two weeks until our big adventure. But first some tidying up. There must have been a big rain here because the peonies are beaten down. But we can enjoy them in a vase for several days. So beautiful. 

Of course Sarah and her children wanted to see us. 



A few days it was so hot that we preferred to walk when it was dark. Almost stepped on this fellow on the driveway. Had to take a photo for the weekly letter I write to William. 



Last Saturday Sarah had a subdivision-wide yard sale. We promised to help and we're there early. Unfortunately nothing much happened. But we had fun. 




A surprise in one of my flower pots. A neighbor had given these to me and I had forgotten about them. So pretty. 


In the evening I worked on the secret Cotton Robin. I think the "big reveal" will have been when I am back. I will report then. 


After the kitchen remodeling more needs to be done ... like the TV needs to be mounted. 


Several times when there was a chance we had tried to find new sofas. The present one had recliner features but where broken. Broken furniture are not comfortable. Not easy for "Daddy Longlegs" to find something comfortable. Lots of test-sitting in stores. 


But finally ... out with the old ...


... in with the new. 


And finally ... the birthday dinner for our friend Julie with guests Irma and Jim two days ago. So much laughter. 


First course: cauliflower muffins and heart beets (not a typing mistake). 


At the end the birthday candle. It was supposed to twirl around and play "happy birthday" but it didn't. A bit disappointing. Well, it had to go into the trash anyway. 


Next morning I found my trash can singing. All morning. Until after 2 pm. Really?


But why is this blog called "testing testing"? James found a new App since our old (Blogsy) died. Blogging can be difficult when you are traveling. I am doing this on my iPhone. Fingers crossed!

Today, Saturday, I have to get serious about packing. 
What to take ....
Tomorrow ....

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  1. I love the new furniture! And the singing trashcan made me laugh. It reminded me of some of Jessica’s toys that were losing battery power and would begin ‘talking’ late at night. Creepy!

    Have a wonderful, fantastic, thrilling trip! Will James be blogging?