Sunday, May 28, 2017

On the way

We are in an Uber car on the way to the airport. Here is the big question: did I pack everything I need, ha-ha. Well, we are going to civilized countries. It might be fun to go shopping.

We are excited to meet up with Helen and William BUT we had to say good-bye to Sarah and her family. It was her first weekend to work at her new job but we had agreed to visit them for a short while after her work in the afternoon. 

In the morning Wade sent us THIS VIDEO though. I took a photo from it. Colin is on the move. Owen doesn't have any interest yet. James and I think thought it's unfair to keep taking Colin's toys away just so he keeps moving. 


Caleb gave us the best hugs ever and the twins appreciated some food. 


We made it home just in time before an incredible hail storm. Watch and LISTEN to this VIDEO




Did you watch the video? At the end James came up and asked whether I wanted some more ice rocks in my G+T and held it out through the open door. 


. . . . .

Laggage gone. Time enough for something red to chill. 


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  1. Colin crawling!!!! Wow. With those rosy cheeks, Momma would say that he looks like an English baby!

    Wasn’t that hail something? I got some pictures of it, too!