Friday, June 30, 2017

Europe Day 32 - traveling home

This will be a very short blog. Travelday!
We don't have to hurry. James hired Windsor Taxi to come at 11 am to bring us to Heathrow. I find packing to go home easy because you just have to put back into the suitcase what you brought plus a few things you acquired. Helen asked me though to transport William's figure which arrived from Germany at Jane's house. The included instructions emphasizing how breakable it is scared her. 

Isn't mini William cute?

The taxi came to Albany Street first and then went to Jane's. All the luggage and the car seat was piled in, a quick good-bye to Jane and off we went. 

You hurry because you don't know how long check-in, immigration and security will take. But all went well and then you have to wait for time to pass. 

Helen took this photo. 

Finally we were in the plane. Helen and William were 9 rows behind us. We were more then an hour delayed queuing to take off and finally landed in Charlotte after a 9 hour flight. Flying is not as much fun as it used to be. But we got two free "glasses" of wine. 

Unfortunately Charlotte wasn't prepared for us and we all had to stay in the plane for almost two hours. Announcement over the intercom informed us that we were the 6th plane in line for immigration. They couldn't handle us all. 
The result: almost everybody on the plane missed their connection. Pandemonium in the airport. A lot of unhappy people. But ... Helen and William made it home to Nashville on the next plane. So did James and I. Our bonus: a friend from our neighborhood was on the flight we were not supposed to be on. She was picked up by her husband and they took us home with them. That couldn't have been easier or more convenient. 

Good to be home but what an amazing trip it was. I hope William will remember at least some of it.   So many friends and family were so nice to us and making sure that we had a marvelous time. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
And thank the Lord for keeping us safe. 


  1. Welcome home! Looked like you had a wonderful adventure.

  2. Mini William is fantastic. What a great souvenir of his trip!

    Glad you made it home safe and sound and can’t wait for a more detailed trip report!