Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do I really want to do this?

Writing/having a blog! Daughter Sarah says that I should. And since I enjoy reading blogs of others I think I give it a try. I will welcome criticism or comments. Just don't be too hard on me in the beginning. This grandma still has to learn a lot.


  1. Hi, Christa! I found you! I'm going to start at the beginning and go straight through. Probably won't do a lot of reading before Christmas. Here's a link to the beginning of my blog: (well, it didn't turn out to be a link, but you can cut and paste). We had a lovely time last night - still talking about our conversations today. We'll do it at our house in January!

  2. Wyfe says I simply MUST. So here I am, three years behind you. Will catch you soon!

    - Mr Kim

    1. Do you mean write a blog? Loved your postings on Kim's blog!!!!!!! I learned so much doing this. I found just out how to set it up so I can reply now. Yeah! Never to old to learn. That's Kim's fault, ha-ha.

    2. Ah, no. Kim says I must read YOUR blog lest my life remain lacking. But I really will get back to posting as Mr Kim on her blog. Um, SOON. In the meantime, I have three years of reading to do.