Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where in Richmond .... ?

Sarah was off work today. The dogs were desperate for a walk and so was I. But were to go? Do you know where this is?

Its right next to this?

This might be a clue:

I was very impressed with the Glen Allen Stadium. I think I want to go and see a game there sometime, even if I am not related to any of the youngsters. May be I could borrow one?

Jimmy was not impressed that Sarah made him carry his own poop. It didn't last too long and then one of us was carrying it again.


  1. Carrying your own poop. There is a lesson and possible blog post in there somewhere!

    1. Mmhh, the lesson might be that we ended carrying it again. I can't quite remember. It's so long ago. But Jimmy really is a pretty good dog. Both are. And the other two in Nashville too.