Saturday, March 26, 2011

VMFA = Picasso Exhibition at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Yesterday hubby James and I went to see the special Picasso exhibition. It will be at the VMFA til May 15 but you know how it is ... you have all that time and can go any day ... and then you miss it.

We found out that it is a better deal to become members with free parking etc. So we became members.

What we really did right, we "armed" ourselves with the audio guides which were available. That was really good and worthwhile. They were a great help in understanding the background to the paintings and sculptures.Without those ... ?

I can't say that I was ever excited about Picasso's work. I was very surprised to find out that he really done some incredible stuff. I even like some of his modern things. But most of it ... lets put it that way ... you must offer a lot of money to me to display it in my house. Actually, taking the time to really study the work which was on display there, I came to the following conclusion: Even the first more traditional drawings/paintings look like that he has trouble with the proportions of the body. Either that or that lady really didn't have very nice legs, especially the ankles. I think he got more and more frustrated not getting it right that he compensated by really getting everything out of wack.

Ha, and this from somebody who really doesn't know much about it. Just the way I see it! Bad?

And now you ask: What do these pictures have to do with it?

Of course no photographing in the exhibition. But of course you can google on Picasso if you want to see some of his works. I took these photos outside the museum. I happen to like them.

Sculpture by Jun Kaneko
Japanese (active in United States), born 1942
Untitled (glazed ceramic)



  1. I agree completely with you about Picasso, Christa. Never liked him much, but Guenica is stunning and powerful. Lots of modern art just looks like junk to me (think the Emperor's new clothes), but not Picasso. I can SEE there is something there - its just not for me.

  2. I also agree. I know it probably confirms that I am a peasant, but works that are meant to be expressive only of a thought or an emotion or those that are just different to be different are a waste of my time. The "emotion" they elicit from me is cynicism about art critics.

    That's not to say all work has to reflect realism. Give me a halfway decent impressionist any day. But a nose on the side of the face, or a black blob of paint on a white background, or a some smear hanging on a gallery wall because the artist used his backside to apply the colors is not genius in my book.

    -- Mike S