Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Post about William

William Alexander is the son of our oldest daughter Helen and her husband Ben, born on May 14, 2010. He was born two months early but you would never know it today. He is a very sweet, happy, friendly baby, smiling most of the time . On the other hand he seems to know what he wants and lets you know.

They live in Nashville, Tennessee, so we don't see them so often. But of course there is the telephone and Skype etc. Because of our trip to Germany, India and Nepal, we saw them last at the end of January. We arrived on Friday at our little townhouse and Helen and William came over to see us. Helen is very good to come over and see us when we are in Nashville but we were so busy playing with him that I totally forgot to take pictures. It was a bit dark to take the video, but here it is anyway:

Saturday evening Ben, Helen and William had been invited by a nice couple, Janet and Roy, from Ben's side of the family. Since we were going to be in town, we were invited too. Also there was Matt (Ben's half brother) with wife Stacey and daughter Avery. It was a lovely evening.

Everybody enjoyed playing with William before dinner.

Roy was grilling hamburgers on his "Green Egg". 

The weather was not cooperating so James had to help.

Avery is offering sweet potatoes to William.

William learned that your mouth puckers when you lick lemon, even three times.

Janet (Matt's mom) and Roy were wonderful hosts.

The cousins.

And everybody enjoyed playing with William after dinner too.

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  1. Ohhhh!! Cutie pie! And now you have TWO!!! I have serious grandbaby lust, but The Child is NOT ready to be a mom!