Sunday, March 27, 2011

India/Nepal 2011 - Day 19 - home via Delhi

 Bye-bye Kathmandu, Nepal.

Bye-bye Himalaya Mountains.

Hello, Delhi Airport.

I like the row of hand-sign sculptures.

I think this is very clever.

Hotel beauties.

Crowne Plaza Today, Gurgaon, for one night.

Gurgaon is the Millenium town with high rises they are very proud of.
The next day we had to be out of our room at 2 pm (late check-out), left our luggage with the bellman and tried to waste time till it was time to take a taxi at 9:30pm to the airport for a flight way past midnight.

So we took a walk. We were told that there was a market not far which we hoped would be something local and interesting. Well, it was a supermarket. But the walk was interesting nevertheless. 

The hotel is in the background of the camel's head.
 One of my favorite pictures ... with 'the arches' and the 'no parking zone'.
 Home Friday night! On Monday our delivery from India arrived. Look at that big crate!
Packing material excelsior ... perfect for making lacemaking pillows.

Got to assemble the base.

Perfect fit for the room.

Toasted with a Virginia bubbly.


  1. Wow, Kim, you are a fast reader. I appreciate your comments. I feel like I could learn a lot if we really could discuss things. You have a lot to say. Thank you!