Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 1 on Topsail Island

Sunday morning. We leisurely got ready for our little trip to the rented house on Topsail Island, North Carolina. Trunk space was limited so Kate, David, James and I tried to take only the most necessary things.
But we did take a lunch picnic. We tried to find a picnic spot but were unsuccessful so we stopped in a place with some shade for our picnic. We had individual bowls of leftover salad from the night before (yummy!) and I wanted to take a 'tail gate' photo of mine but didn't set it down carefully enough. You can see where it ended up. James, Kate and David all jumped to say "you can have some of mine" but that was not necessary ... there was a 5th bowl because that made it all gone and it didn't fit in just 4. Ha-ha, the Lord provides! But I did feel foolish.  

No bench or so but, oh well, we had been sitting long enough anyway.

Oh yes, we had to make another stop for provisions.

Helen had texted us that William was too excited to take a nap. We were all greeted very well. We had left a little before 10 am and arrived around 3:30 pm.
Aunt Kate and Uncle Dave had brought the perfect gift for William. A Lego train!

I didn't capture the right moment because William did most of the assembly.

Soon we HAD TO go to the beach though. Aaaahhhh .....

The water was warm like bathtub water. It was so inviting that the others quickly went back to get their bathing suits. And in they went!

Helen, William and I went for a little walk.

I have never seen a little boy as excited at the ocean as William. I got carried away with taking videos:
Video 1  checking it out

Video 2   the anticipation in his face. Too bad I could not capture it. No fear really.
Video 3   he got splashed in the face in this one but didn't mind. He was just trying to lick the salt water away.

I got wet because William wanted to experience the waves. What are washing machines for?

And then back to the house. Straight ahead!

Afterwards Ben hosed William off at the house. Video!

And then William hosed off Pops and Omi. Video!

We enjoyed the front balcony. William found a nice gate for his new train to go through.

And then we had to make the bench slope so the train could go down. Yes, video!

And we enjoyed the back balcony.

This picture taken for Bec and Mark. Sundown libations!

Ben had prepared a wonderful dinner for us. A super-good salad, potatoes with mussels and steamed shrimp. And yes, we also had 'pudding' (what the family calls dessert).

And then Omi was allowed to cuddle William to sleep. What a day!

* * * * *
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