Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 2 and 3 on Topsail Island

Monday. Wonderfully leisurely. William is still in his pjs and is reading with Grandpa.

After breakfast all but Ben decide on a walk on the beach. This photo below was taken by Kate.

Helen had seen a park on the map a little to the north along the beach. William always enjoys slides etc.

It was a lovely walk. So beautiful.

It was quite a way to the park and we finally found it but the metal structures were in full sun and William really didn't want to leave the beach. Helen and William went into the water and he had so much fun again. Couldn't help it. Had to make another video.

I saw Ben take a video too. It is much better than mine. We all had trouble uploading to YouTube yesterday so if you want to see it, you need to come back to this blog.

Here is James' find of sharks teeth.

Showered and changed again and in the living room Kate decided to FaceTime with daughter Jo and her children. William was fascinated seeing the other children who all knew him and called him by name. Of course he really had no idea how far away they were in England. So much fun!
Ah yes, I did make a video.

Then we went (in two cars of course) for lunch in a seafood restaurant. Crocodile tears because William wanted to go in Grandpa's car. But we didn't have enough space to bring his car seat with 4 people and all the luggage from Richmond. Ah, the seafood was delicious. When we parted Helen and Ben went home with William. Even more tears now all the way home (Helen texted) but it was nap time and she promised him we would be back when he woke up.
The rest of us did major shopping for the next two days. It had started to drizzle at lunch time but I received the picture below from Helen while in the shop. We couldn't believe it when we drove home. I tried to capture some of it in a video. She explained to us that they had experienced a short, very heavy thunderstorm and downpour.

My turn to make dinner tonight. Taco salad buffet. That is always a hit. 'Pudding': keylime pie.

Hanging around afterwards in the living room. Can't help it. I think William is too cute playing on Pops' iPad. So grown up.

Tuesday! A nice morning. William climbed into our bed in the morning and after a while we went upstairs into the living room and just hung around until others arrived. James and I decided to go for a "quick walk" on the beach.
We had gone a mile when we came to a place were people with Turtle Hospital shirts secured an access to the beach. We inquired and were told that at 10 am 3 turtles would be released frpm the hospital back into the ocean.

We rushed back to the house to tell the others but the big event of cooking an English breakfast was going on. Kate and Dave are experts at that.

Baked beans, baked tomatoes and mushrooms, bacon, fried toast, sunny side up eggs.

We were done eating when Ben said "let's go we still can make it". We all rushed and had to go with two cars. We found it right away from the road and were lucky with two parking spots.
We were so surprised how many people there were. We find the beach always so pleasantly empty.

The Sea Turtle Hospital people were releasing three turtles. We arrived just in time to witness the release of the first one.
Oceans Eleven is a huge turtle weighing 200 lbs. You can read all about it here.
Here is another link to an official site.

We could see the turtle swim away and her head sometimes bobbing above a wave. It was quite emotional. This particular turtle had been in the hospital for 4 years. It had arrived incredibly damaged.

Can you see William in the crowd?

Back to the house. William took a nap. Everybody relaxed their own way. Actually David and Kate worked very hard on preparing food for our dinner tonight.

Quarter passed three we were on our way to the very south tip of the island. Carolyn had told us about a beach at the sound more suitable for William. She was so right. None of those waves and he could not wait to walk into the water.

Helen had brought his floating device and he paddled around with the happiest eyes and giggles.
Here an impression of the area.

This side of the ocean was a totally different experience for William. See him paddle.

Kate and Dave went for a walk and I wanted to see what is further on. I walked for quite a while but then turned around because it seemed quite a long way and I thought James might want to have a look too. It was really pretty.

When I reached James, Helen and William again they were happily playing in the sand.
Yes, video!

What a day it was. And it was not over yet. Kate and Dave's dinner was really special. Ben "helped" by doing the grilling of steaks, fish and shrimp over charcoal. Roasted veggies and Gratin Dauphinois (french scalloped potatoes) were in the oven. What a feast!

But it still wasn't over. Uncle Dave's famous pancakes! Very thin more like crepes. This time with fresh sauteed rhubarb and a special sauce.

And ... it came with entertainment!

* * * * *
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  1. Hooray!! Sharks teeth AND turtles!!! What a great glad you were able to see "the turtle people" and if not baby turtles- an emotional release of an adult. The turtle people are really amazing in their dedication.

    Glad the beach was wonderful for William- I thought he might enjoy that side (the sound side).


  2. Mmmmm! Full English breakfast - my favorite. Mike can't get past those beans, though. And "English" pancakes! That was the first thing that my English stepdad, Ted, ever made for me! I still love them.