Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 4 and 5 on Topsail Island

Wednesday! I don't think it was even 8 am yet and James and I decided to go for a power walk. Ah it felt so good. The air felt crisp but the sun was lovely, well, perfect. A few times one of us would suddenly sink in the sand past our ankles. A strange feeling. Quicksand?

When we were back the others showed up too and we took turns in the kitchen. Everybody is on their own for breakfast. Can't have English breakfast every day.
Before noon we all went for a swim. I can't get enough of watching William's excitement.
Video 1
Video 1

We had salad and sandwiches for lunch and then William had a nap. James, Kate and I went shopping. One visit to a souvenir shop was needed and also ingredients for "pudding".
We had cooked dinners at the house 3 days in a row (each couple having a turn) we decided to go out and splurge this evening. We decided on the Beach Shop and Grill. James had called earlier and was told that they don't take reservations but if we come before 7 pm there should not be any waiting. We'll, we had to wait at least 30 minutes which is not always easy with a child. As always William was a trooper and since there was a gift shop conveniently attached he got a t-shirt out of the wait.

When we had driven past the day before we had seen that they have a special Wednesday evenings "dinner for two (choice from two entries) with a bottle of wine for $39. James and I thought that this sounded fine and so did Kate and Dave. There was only one problem: they were already out of the salmon cakes. We asked our server what they were offering instead and there was silence. After we asked whether the crab cakes could stand in she consulted with management and it was granted. She was very nice. Food took a while but when it came it was very delicious.

Since Kate and David had told us that they always have "pudding" Helen had been so nice at my request to bake in the afternoon. Somebody had suggested some time ago "angel-food cake lemon bars" on Facebook. Thank goodness Helen likes baking. Everybody thought it was very delicious.


James and Kate took William down to the beach. I didn't feel so great ... either a cold or allergies so I stayed behind. But then I couldn't stand not seeing William and his excitement so I went down too.

James and Kate sure know how to play in sand.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Well, then we wanted a little outing. So all of us piled into two cars and went to Sneads Ferry. We thought there was a little town but after some searching we found the fishing harbor.

Not far was the Riverview Cafe. Our GPS brought us to 119 Hall Point Road. There were surprisingly many people already but they found a table for the seven of us.They had menus but also a board with the specials.

The food was absolutely amazing. We got hush-puppies to share while we were waiting. I had trout with two sides (eggplant parmesan and cabbage) for $5.95 which was great. Then we all got a piece of cake for free as well. We need to remember this place if/when we go to Topsail Island again. Oh yes, the service was very nice too?

The house has a choice of balconies. Street front or back side. This is the back side with view to the sound direction. There is something about sun-downs.

Kate is taking a picture too but with her iPad.
William is reading his favorite book to Grandpa. Video!

And then there was a full moon too.

For dinner we wanted to order pizza but it would have taken 1 1/2 hours. So Ben just went and got it. We got way too much and couldn't eat it all but it was delicious.

Tomorrow Kate, David, James and I have to leave. Sigh.

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  1. So glad you had a great time!

    Wish you had a better experience at Beach Shop & Grille- that's our favorite place to go. The shrimp and grits is to die for!!! YUM.

    Need to keep reading to see if you saw any turtles.

  2. Angel-food lemon bars? You don’t still have that recipe rattling around, do you? Sounds good!