Thursday, September 5, 2013

William's I-spy quilt

big-boy size: 67 x 87 inches
88 different squares

It is done! It is finished! Here is the evolution:

I-spy squares laid out on the design wall. Have to find/create some more.

Calculating the size. I decide that I should use sashing. But what color? Solid blue?

Blue with green corner stones?

Green with blue corner stones?

Black with blue and green corner stones. I had found black fabric in my stash with a quiet (not too bold) pattern of spiders and webs. Thought it was great for a little boy ... but there wasn't enough of it.

But we (Grandpa helped) found lovely fabric with sparkling stars. James thought the corner stones should be random. I am not good with random ... so Grandpa placed them. 

I pieced it together and took it, the batting and the backing to Nashville where longarm quilter Linda Gray did a marvelous job quilting it. Helen is a firm believer that each quilt needs its label. All right. I bought fabric markers and William co-operated having his little hand drawn onto the fabric. On another piece I checked washing and ironing it. I think the markers are a cool tool. Helen finished, placed and sewed the label on and started hand-sewing the binding.

I just finished the hand-sewing of the binding today. Yeah! Done! Totally finished! What do you think?
I spy with my little eye: pizza! peanuts! mosquitoes! penguins! a frog playing the cello! cupcakes! basketballs! cows! .......
I can't wait to play with William. Oh yes, I spy with my little eye: trains (his favorite!)

The back!


  1. Oh my gosh I love it! AND the Elmo material. ..need to find some of that to make something for Jane. Elmo is her idol!
    That quilt will be so much fun! I'm getting inspired.

  2. I have linked this blog to BLOCK LOTTO because the topic this month is COLOR. Because I have lots of squares left I would like to make another i-spy quilt for our household for when the (soon to be 2) grandchildren are visiting. Of course it should be different and gender-neutral. I like the sashing but not sure what other color/fabric would set the squares off so nicely. Any suggestions? ????

  3. What a wonderful quilt for William!

  4. ... I'm coming back to answer your question (and thank you for joining the Block Lotto linky party this month). I honestly believe ANY color would work for sashing with all those I-Spy fabrics. I would stick to solids or tone-on-tone prints that read as solid and choose a single color for washings as you did for William's wonderful quilt. In your shoes, i'd be tempted to chose a light fabric, maybe a light gray, just to be able to see how different it would look.

  5. William's quilt looks wonderful! I agree with Sophie on the stripping and corner stone colors. I think you did just fine with no help. =)

  6. Just amazing. Every quilt I see impresses me more and more. And you have a new fan since I showed my MIL your Singapore quilts!