Saturday, September 14, 2013

The British are coming!

Paul Revere didn't need to warn us. We were looking forward for Kate (James's sister) and David (her husband) to arrive. Thursday 9/12 at 5:30 pm at RIC on time. It was a HOT day and when we stepped out of the airport it seemed brutal for a moment. But perfect whether was arriving that evening after a thunderstorm.
The next day we could open windows and screened doors. Lovely. Friday is Sarah's day off and we had plans. We went to this place on McArthur Road. From Thu to Sun you can get wonderful crab cakes here ... to go. There is one table with 4 chairs were you can sit to wait.
Studying the menu and ordering. We wanted 6 but he only had enough to make 4. Since they are huge we asked him whether he could make 5 and I had something else.
We took it to Sarah's and we all, including Wade, had a picnic on her deck in the back. After that we (except Wade) went to Agecroft Hall and Gardens. This manor house was actually built in Lancashire, England in the late 15th Century, and in 1925 dissembled, transported and re-built in Richmond, Virginia. Well, a third of the original.
Moss on the roof ... this could be in England.
Those original windows - all original and none was broken! When we were inside you could see the unevenness of the glass.
Situated on the James River.
After the tour on the inside we had a walk around the gardens.
Wait for me!
The view to the River from the gazebo.
More gardens.
Those funny things growing in the middle in the picture above: hops, close-up in the picture below.
Back at Sarah's place: first thing we have to do is harvest.
Before bedtime I still had to wrap up the present for tomorrow's baby shower. She wanted this for the nursery but since we don't know the baby's name yet, this is only paper. To be made later!
Saturday morning. We (Kate and I) were on our way early to pick up mommy-to-be Sarah. James and David had to be at the first monthly St Martin men's breakfast at 8 am (and then they went for a 6 mile hike afterwards ... ending at the Legend Brewery for lunch)
Sarah, Kate and I had quite a drive to West Point. Jon (Wade's uncle), Carolyn and son Cooper have a lovely house where the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers meet and form the York River.
Kate and I had to walk the few steps and have a look.
Soon we could see from the deck the husbands and Cooper leave to take the boat out and try to catch the fish for dinner.
We enjoyed the wonderful lunch Carolyn had prepared for us. We were 12 ladies altogether. After this blog I have to email to her and beg for the recipe for the crab muffins. Yummy!
The guest of honor is starting.
The weather could not have been any better. We so enjoyed sitting outside.
There was also a Yoghurt Bar. What a great idea!
And then the 'shower' part.
Carolyn loves crabs and has quite an amazing selection of plates, bowls, pictures etc. Guess who this gift for Baby Waller is from?
The husbands are returning. The news: dinner plans have to be changed. Only one little fish which might make an appetizer.
And after cake and more deliciousness Kate and I get on our way back. What a great time we had. It was lovely to have some time with Wade's mom, grand-mom, sister, the hostess and some of Sarah's friends. James and David are back too.
Dinner: After a high temperature of 93' F on Thursday it is down to 56' F tonight at 8 pm. It was too cold to eat outside but James grilled his delicious burgers which we enjoyed at the dining-room table. Soon we have to stage what will have to go into the car tomorrow morning to join Helen, Ben and William in Topsail Island, North Carolina. They arrived there just a little while ago and word has it that there is no tea pot and hot water kettle.

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  1. So wonderful to celebrate baby CJW! Loved that Kate was able to be in the US for the festivities.