Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Everybody smiling again



As much as William loves his Omi (yeah!!!) he does miss his Mommy and Pops. He wakes up with a smile though and he likes Omi's breakfast: homemade apple sauce (apples, carrots and prunes from the VitaMix) stirred together with cooked oats.

I drove him to his speech class with Miss Kimberly at 11 am and had an hour and half to waste. On the way home we stopped and William picked out one hot wheel to buy (97 cents).

Good news from Helen that she had Ben at home. They were missing their little boy! I packed most of his things into the car and after lunch I brought him to "his" house.

He wanted to bring a get-well-balloon to his Pops so we had to make one stop. He picked them out and was so careful to not let them go especially walking to the parked car. He was so excited. I forgot to take a picture but Helen sent me these.





I continued to Goodlettsville to pick up the quilted quilts from the longarmer. Linda had done a great job as always. The Nashville traffic gets to me though. If it is rush hour you never know how long it takes for you to go from A to B. Finally home I just crash. Don't feel like doing anything. Ever had that feeling?




James is on his way home!!!



William is in preschool all day. Helen brings him there and has things to do. Word is that Ben is a good patient and does what the Dr recommended. He is supposed to walk and they even went shopping.

I had a "day off" ... and had a productive day. I trimmed the two quilts and did housework. Yes, housework! I am not a good housewife but I felt really good after vacuuming, changing and washing bedding etc. I hope William will not be too upset that I took the train track and hot wheel set apart. I had explained to him before that we always can build it again and better.

Helen and William came over in the afternoon and then took "Omi's car" to pick up Papa. Unfortunately the plane was 40 minutes late but there would be no chance of William abandoning the mission. He loves airports but mostly he loves Papa.

Helen texted this picture of William waiting.



See his hand waving. Feel the excitement because he spotted Papa.




Helen went home soon but it had gotten late and William promptly fell asleep in the car.




They came for lunch. I made Helen's favorite: Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes). William doesn't care for them. We are discussing whether he could be really Helen's son or was switched in the hospital (just kidding).




Or was he just eager to play with his new toy. Papa brought this gift from Uncle David in England. William's word about the tractor: it is fantastic!




After lunch Helen went with Papa to her house to work some more assembling And installing drawers for the kitchen and proudly got rid of 10 boxes.

William and I built an "awesome" train track ... around Papa's chair.



After James came back we took William to their church were we met Helen and Ben for Wednesday supper and evening service.

Another good day!


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  1. I liked your confession that you are not a good housewife. Neither am I. I can always find something more interesting to do than cleaning. Luckily, I do like to cook, so that distracts everyone (I hope!). So glad that you have James back. I think that you are like me – no matter how many other folks you have around and how much you love them, things are just not right without our fellows there!

    Potato pancakes!! Mmmmmm. Those are one of my favorites, too. How do you make yours?