Monday, January 12, 2015

Fine time to leave me

Just kidding. James had quite an odyssey flying to England. You could read at the end of my last blog how Thursday started.
James had been re-booked on a flight just after noon to JFK and then London. So I brought him to the airport around 11 am. After that text messages came From him that his flight schedule was "up in the air" (pan intended) except that he was not in the air. The plane to take him didn't arrive because of bad weather in Chicago. So he was re-routed again. Finally he flew to Dallas TX and barely got his connection to London Heathrow where he arrived at the same time as his brother from Dubai so all was well.
William was in school most of the day and Helen had come over because she wanted to try desperately to finish her "Block Lotto 2012 Sampler Quilt" top so it could go to the longarmer (quilter) with mine next day.
For more info about Block Lotto, go here!
It will be so stunning!
She was almost done but William needed to be collected from school and we were debating how to do it. Finally we thought it best if she would get him and then I could play with him while she did the little bit left. We promised William a trip to the DQ for ice cream to celebrate. Oh the best plans ...
It was bitterly bitterly cold, we drove to the DQ and found the sitting part closed for renovation, we decided on take-home (that part was open) but while we were in the drive-through and tried to decide and order several calls came in ... from Ben with results of the blood tests from his doctor ... from James that he just barely had made his connection and asked me to send arrival info to his brother ... etc ect. It was almost comical except poor William and we were hungry ... and it was sooooooo cold.
Finally we did get take-out, made it back home into our relatively warm place and with the small blizzards the blizzard-like temperatures were forgotten.


Friday January 9th

We had such big plans for this day all along. The two quilts were to be dropped of at the longarmer in the Goodlettsville RiverGate Mall and we wanted to shop, mainly William needed shoes and pans and tops and Helen and I wouldn't have minded finding a few new pieces of clothing too.
We did good to get going early. And we went in two cars just in case news came from Ben concerning his situation. Those were wise decisions. Ben was admitted to the hospital to have his gall bladder removed and Helen of course went into his direction. William and I went towards the townhouse. At least we got the quilts done.
Of course even very young children know when "something is going on". I had some convincing to do for William to be happy. We stopped at Kroger to get ice cream (mainly) and a few other things.

Omi found another Kinderei (no more now) which had an ugly little man in it (no idea what you do with it). He had fun with that though for a while.

And then Papa called from England and we did FaceTime. Here is the screenshot.

We were really proud to find a way to improve the train trucks. That is a great bridge!

Omi finally came out with a new toy bought at the VMFA in Richmond. Wooden blocks with magnets in them. William knows magnets from his trains. That was good fun.

He took these pictures with my phone (and another 176?) which was fun too. He likes to take pictures and look at them.



After a good nights sleep we started all over again with all the playing and toys. The first thing though was to make a card for Pops. Who knows when he can visit his Dad so we took also a photo and texted it to Ben.

We played this game with the ugly little man from the Kinderei and were busy with it for a while. We also tried to make a video to explain it for Pops.

Then William found coins in the bottom of a bowl with some of Papa's golf balls. He asked whether I had a piggy bank. He likes doing this and now I have to pay in cash and give up my coins afterwards.

William could visit his Dad in the hospital which made both happy. It was dark when I drove home with him and I had a heck of a time keeping him awake all the way home.
Time for bed. He likes his bath and doesn't mind his hair washed at all. I have never seen a child so patiently sit there while water is poured over him. He didn't mind his hair dried either ... as long as I did it only on low. It is way too noisy on high. He hates noises.

And a picture came from England. The 5 siblings around the kitchen table in Windsor. I bet they have a great time (I was told they are discussing how Jane will sew on Catherine's girl guide patches onto her blanket).



Another picture from England. All siblings in the church they grew up in (but they are not in birth-order). I love this picture!

Helen had not come for this night. The dogs had to be taken care of and she had to get up very early because Ben's operation was supposed to be at 7:30 am.
William and I were awake in good time that I managed to get us to their church in time for Sunday school at 9 am. Service was at 10:30. William picked our pew to sit in. He is very good in church. His favorite is the passing of the peace and he makes sure to go to everyone in the church if possible.
After church we stopped at Wendy's for lunch. I knew he likes Wendy's. I figured out now that it is not so much for the food but the toy. That's o.k. I think he was out of sorts the whole day. He knew something was going on. All that texting etc. James asked, Sarah asked, everybody asked how Ben was and at noon the 7:30 operation had not happened yet.

After lunch he wanted to play with his skeleton. We read about each organ in the great little book which came with it. It's not really Omi's thing but he was so into it. (Papa, where are you? Omi needs help.)

Finally word came that Ben was through it and fine. And late afternoon he wanted his son to visit again. William was very excited. After a good visit Helen, William and I went and had dinner close to the hospital. Waiting for the food William is pressing the button for a selfie.

When we parted after dinner William was not happy to leave Mommy. He wanted Mommy, he wanted Pops and he wanted to be in his own house. Helen had to promise to come and sleep in Omi's house too. It is amazing though what the promise of ice cream can do too.
William and I played very nicely until Helen finally came and it was bedtime.

When he was asleep I could look and found some more pictures from James. Lunch after church in a pub (aaahhhhh) and Jane sewing on the girl guide blanket.


What a day! Thanks to the Lord all is good!



  1. Jane is my sort of person! Sewing items and a cuppa on the table, iPad recharging and her family around her.
    Glad to hear Ben is on his way to recovery.

  2. Ps. Love that straw thing William is using my GDs would love it.

  3. Concerning the title: I wonder whether anybody else has that Kenny Rogers song going around and around in their heads?

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  5. I did, Christa! As soon as I saw it, I heard "You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille". :-)

    So sorry for all the uproar in your lives! Prayer sent for Ben.

    I love William’s ‘shell game’! And what a wonderful sibling shot in the church – I really like that one. That pub lunch looked good, too!