Saturday, January 24, 2015

In VA again

Sunday 18th

We had just come back from Nashville the day before so the cupboards where bare. After church (it was so nice to see a lot of our friends) we met Sarah, Wade and Caleb for lunch.
Caleb is reading the menu to James so he knows what to order.

They brought sweet sticky rolls while we were waiting.

The weather was so nice. It was cold but the sun was shining and no wind. We had to go for a fast (for me) walk in the neighborhood. That's what I love about where we live. It's great for walking. It felt so good.

Monday Tuesday ... Desperately trying to catch up on things. Main chore: un-decorating Christmas. Well, putting the ornaments and crèches away is not really a chore. I love looking at everything and think of all the wonderful memories which come with them. But the dropped needles everywhere ... and crawling into the attic over the garage thru the little opening to stow the "greenery and trees" away ... thanks to dear husband James for all he does (without complaints whatsoever). Finally it's Epiphany in our household too. No more Christmas ... Until it's proper time again.


Sarah had a little problem. Hubby on a business trip. She has to work the 2-10 shift and can't swap. Happy to help out. She comes for lunch and brings the stuff for the night. Caleb goes to daycare for just a little while until Papa gets him (before 6 pm).

We adjust the baby bed in the guest room again. Last one to use it was William without the front railing. He is too big for it now anyway. Bed back to baby status.
We play. He has a bath. He is so easy to put to bed and sleeps through the night. His mother comes after her work too.


We have to be up early because Sarah has to work the early shift. By 7:20 am they are both gone.
Later I get a text though whether they can invite themselves for another night. Their house is being painted inside and progress is not as fast as Sarah had hoped. And could she bring the dogs this time?
Since I did not have time to plan for dinner we go Mexican just outside the neighborhood.
And then it is already bath time for Caleb. He knows when his bedtime is and "insists" on it. He falls asleep quickly again but unfortunately wakes up just when it is time for us to go to bed. His poor mommy is so tired but he is out of sorts and miserable. Sarah tries whatever she can think of with not much luck. Is it a new tooth? Gas? Can't figure it out. Finally he falls asleep again too.


Sarah's day off. We have all the time in the world for breakfast. Jimmy is the floor police. He waits for food to fall down. Most likely it will not even hit the floor.

We play all morning. The weather is miserable. Not good for a walk. Even the dogs go outside for only a short time.
Caleb has a good nap in his bed upstairs and even his mommy on the sofa. After that Sarah and Caleb check on their house and James goes with them. I am eagerly sewing on my project (which will be a different blog soon). I want to get it finished and in the mail today.

Finished! And James is looking for a box. Caleb likes this one. Luckily it is not the right size. Sarah is pushing him around and he loved it. Fast movements and some out of focus. Should have taken a video.

Caleb already loves gadgets. Got hold of his mother's phone. I took videos ... and then these photos from the videos.



Since he had another good nap after lunch he is in good form to play.


... and pictures taken again off the videos.

And then they left. Wade is almost home from his trip and the painters are gone for the day and finished downstairs.

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  1. Lots of lovely times with your family! You are lucky folks!