Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nashville - last days


William had school all day and Helen had to teach. Since yesterday was Helen and Ben's wedding anniversary they wanted to go out for a dinner today and asked whether William could stay the night again.
William loves it when Papa picks him up from preschool. We found him outside on the playground playing happily. I was surprised since it was so cold. We made a short stop at Home Depot which he didn't mind since we brought a "papa cookie" (James likes Biscoffs and so does his grandson). He was very very tired though. The traffic was as traffic is in Nashville at that hour. I had trouble keeping him awake all the way to the TH. He wanted to go to his house though.
To make a long story short ... we had a healthy snack, played and built an "awesome" train track again, had some supper and ice cream ... and then he wanted to go into the bath tub. Papa read two books and William was happily asleep at 8:04 pm.


Our last day here on this trip. It is 7:55 am and William is still asleep. Ha-ha, he woke up soon after 8 am as always with a smile.
He wanted to have breakfast in his pjs and we decided on the pumpkin pancake mix his mother had brought to try. Even with blueberries it was not enjoyed by anybody. As always he did like Omi's applesauce though.

We built another "awesome track", except it wasn't awesome at all because the train could not go were we wanted it to go. Once it was over the bridge it was stuck in the figure eight and could not go over the bridge again. How did this happen?

We all had to think really hard and tried several times. Papa (who studied to become an engineer at the University at Nottingham) finally succeeded.

William could play again.










We had a nice family lunch all together. Ben had come too. Taco salad. Helen's favorite and William had a huge portion too with the fritos chips, rice, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, taco sauce, cheese AND avocados. He loves those. We all decided that he has a growth spurt again.

In the afternoon Helen was making the binding for her quilt while we were enjoying our last day at this visit with William. I have written a short blog about Helen's Block Lotto 2012 Sampler. You find it on my site about lace and quilts. Or here is the link.

Of course it is our right as grandparents to spoil the grandson, right? Since the weather was decent, Papa could even take William to a playground which was enjoyed by both.

Helen and William left early afternoon and James and I had to pack up. Didn't want to forget anything so we "stage" things for next morning. We went to bed early and even set the alarm clock. Going back to Virginia we are "losing" an hour.



It's a good day to travel. Many fewer trucks on the road. A clear day with a blue sky. Early in the morning we saw fog rising from the rivers and the sun shining on some ice covered treas and bushes. It was very pretty.


It's a long drive. It's always good to be safely home again. We had a very very good time.


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  1. I share James’ and William’s love of Biscoffs – Santa left a packet in my stocking!
    I know you miss your Nashville folk, but we were very happy to see you at church on Sunday!