Saturday, January 3, 2015

How one year ends

Sunday 28. December 2014


Parties are not over yet. We were invited to Kim and Mike's house after church for lunch. Julie and Kim's mother Marty were there too. We six have always such lively conversations. It was great fun and the food was delicious too.

It gave us another opportunity to admire the Christmas decorations. Kim took us upstairs to show us her Oz collection. So interesting. I have never seen anything like it and could have looked at everything for hours. Did you know there were figurines of cows dressed up in the Oz characters?





This quilt was made by Kim's MIL about two years ago. How special. I see the yellow brick road.



Guess who arrived Monday at 7 am? The day care was closed between Christmas and New Year. That causes a problem when both parents are working.



Don't know who wore out whom (don't worry but Papa is right behind him on the steps not in the photo).



Caleb likes to run around with things in his hands. If he can get hold of a tissue (or my lace doily) he "polishes" tables, floors, noses ...




After a good lunch the dessert is banana bread.




On Tuesday I met Sarah (before her afternoon work) at Short Pump Mall. Caleb needed new shoes. It was bitterly cold outside otherwise it would have been nice to look at the decorations.

Caleb was very cooperative with the measuring and trying on.





Since Wade could take care of Caleb in the afternoon I could sew for the rest of the day. Great success but about that another time.



Wednesday. Sarah and Caleb came for lunch and then Sarah had to work till 10 pm. It's the last day of the year and the young couple has an invitation to a New Year's Eve party. She joins her husband there after work and Caleb spends the night with us.

First we have to go shopping. Not really. It is so bitterly cold that we can't really be outside with him. What do you do? You go to Costco where the aisles are wide and long enough for a run.



Almost bedtime. Papa is reading.



Happy New Year!

After a good nights sleep it's time for breakfast. Buttered toast to get him started.





Since James and I are leaving the next day for Nashville I have to take care of my indoor plans. Caleb must have watched me. After I let him have the empty jug he goes and "waters" the hibiscus.


James took these pictures. So cute.





More sewing after Caleb had left at 9 am. James is always so supportive when I am working on a project. He takes care of lunch or dinner and tea breaks.

How do you know that Christmas is almost over? When the stollen supply from Aldi (in Nashville) is running out. This year it was not as good as usual. I might have to bake myself again next year. Sigh. The box is a few years old. Helen had brought it (filled) for her father when she returned from her semester in Vienna.



And now we have to get ready for Nashville. Shouldn't forget anything. Especially not the things to play with when William comes over. The word is that there is a little boy very excited about Papa and Omi coming. Tomorrow William, tomorrow!

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  1. Very honored to be included on your blog, my friend! We had a wonderful time and said over and over that that is EXACTLY what a Sunday afternoon should be like. And thank you for showcasing my odd collection. If you ever want to bring the boys over to see it (assuming they would ever be interested in it), just let me know! I told Judy (my MIL) how impressed you were with her quilt. She was so pleased. I think that I need to include them in one of our get togethers. The two of you would mesh very well, I think.

    I love the pictures of James and Caleb reading. Caleb looks so intent! I really like your stollen tin. I am enamored of cool-looking tins. I have a huge assortment of Christmas ones. Sigh. Yes, ANOTHER collection.