Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How the New Year starts

We wish our family and friends a wonderful blessed New Year!


The first day of 2015 was very cold but with blue sky and the sun shining. We bundled up and went for one of our fast walks in the neighborhood. In some streets it was lovely but then you turn a corner ... brrrrr. Still, it felt good even if it was shorter then usual.



Friday January 2nd

Yes, we even set the alarm to get going. As William knows, you have to drive and drive and drive and drive. We were surprised that there was more traffic than we had expected but it wasn't bad and the weather was not bad either. Only at the end was there some fine mist but no heavy rain or slick roads.

Helen said that William was up early and was looking out the window for us. She texted this picture.



We arrived shortly after 3 pm and soon were on the floor playing . We got wonderful hugs. Omi had brought "her" train tracks so we have something to play with in the townhouse. The new little rug doesn't work as we thought it would.




Helen and William disappeared into the kitchen for a while. He had picked out lemon cake for the cupcakes and happily wears the apron Sophie had mailed for Christmas.




Later Ben joined us too and we all went mexican for dinner. Back at the townhouse I understood why the baking had to be done earlier. William had baked a birthday cupcake for Omi. So cute. Thank you all!




William had a birthday party to go to but at 11:30 Papa and I met him and Helen at the Bouncy House and he came home with us. Helen wanted some time for work in her household. She wanted to do some sorting and throwing and was very happy with her success.

We did serious playing at the townhouse. Unfortunately it is just too cold for anything outside. Brrrrr.

Hot wheels







This was in the birthday party goody bag.



Helen and Ben came later for a simple dinner. William wanted to spend the night though. Helen showed us how to play with color-changing hot wheels in the bathtub. Then William slept for 11 hours.



William woke up with a smile and crawled into our bed. We had plenty of time for a good breakfast and then were at church for the 10:30 service.

Of course it is still Christmas season. William leads us to sit close to the front on the left. St John's Christmas tree looks beautiful. It is "real" and every so often I can smell it. I am flooded with childhood memories. William was one of only two children going forward for the children's sermon but to everybody's joy he had a good conversation with pastor.




Back at the townhouse for lunch and then Helen and William are baking cornbread for the "room in the inn" charity tonight at their church.


For dinner Ben had invited us to an Italian Restaurant. A great place. James and I shared a delicious pizza. 16 inches. Nobody can eat that by themselves.




Helen and William arrive around 11. After lunch Helen and James go to her house to work on kitchen cabinets. William and I do some serious playing. First we "improve" the train trucks by building a bridge. How come there is always one certain piece missing for what you want to do?




Then we got really inventive with the hot wheels. We tried things and added and added.




In between we tried out the drinking straw building set.






Tomorrow William has school. Omi will try to catch up with her work.

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  1. Helen’s church altar reminds me a little of St. Martin’s. Very simple. That drinking straw set is amazing. How do you clean it?