Saturday, September 5, 2015

Camino/Europe Adventure Day 1 & 2

Friday Sept.4

Packing was a little bit more tedious for me then usual. We each packed our backpacks for the hike and then a suitcase together. To be honest though - I didn't worry that much. Since James had already packed twice for previous Caminos I just followed his lead. We wavered yes and no about checking the backpacks or not but then decided yes because we really have not lost luggage in a long time. We had no tight layovers so we should be fine.

Getting the house ready and the indoor plants etc. Sarah came at 2pm and brought us to the Richmond Airport. WE ... ARE ... ON ... OUR ... WAY !

First Flight: US765 leaving RIC at 4:10 and arriving CLT at 5:25

Everything pretty much on time and smooth.



A view of Charlotte NC



A remnant of James' times in the workforce: life-time privileged member of AA. We were allowed into the Admirals Club even so we flew only coach. Nice! Free snacks and a glass of red wine. Good start of our vacation/adventure. Can't do anything about it if we forgot something.




Off to the gate.

Second flight: US748 leaving CLT 8:10pm and arriving MAD 11am next day.




We boarded on time but left half an hour late. Great seats: row 7 bulkhead window and aisle next to each other. WOW James! Well done (except for the child behind me kicking my seat a few times but never at a critical moment). It was a smooth and uneventful flight. James slept a little now and then. I read the whole time. Couldn't put the book down.


Saturday Sept.5

The plane landed at 11am on the dot. We have a looooong time until the next flight. We have to get our checked luggage and have to find where to check it in for the next (different airline). Everybody is very friendly and we are done soon. We walk a little around and buy a Spanish SIM card for on old iPhone (15 Euros) . We decide to go through security. The next flight is with Iberia. When we pass their lounge James decides to ask whether we are allowed (waving his card). YESSSSS!

So here we are ... free snacks, drinks and Wifi. 6 hours to while away! Oh yes, and the best thing about lounges: nice toilets. And before I forget to mention it ... I finished the book I had started in Charlotte. I have not read a book in a long time. But since there is no sewing machine or lace pillow here ...




Yup, studying our route.




Third flight: Iberia IB3880 leaving Madrid 8 pm and arriving Santiago de Compostela 9:10 pm

View short after take-off. Lovely sundown for quite a while with some hills/mountains (?)



Short before Santiago ... windmill farms. Not a pretty sight from the air.




A taxi from the airport for 21 Euros not too bad. Easy.

The Hotel Compostela people we're very friendly. Yeah!



We even have a balcony.




Night night!


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  1. Ah....seeing you all in Europe makes me happy! Wish I was there, but I don't think I could manage the walk. I'd be in the 'follow car'!