Monday, September 28, 2015

Europe Adventure Day 24 and 25

Leisurely getting ready and having tea and toast. It seemed cold today so what to wear was a bit of a question. Layering was the answer but fashion was not in the equation.
The service at Clewer St. Stephen Church is at 10 am. It was very high church but I found it very uplifting ... incense and all. Of course I didn't even think of taking photos.
Jane shared another link with me: 360 degree photos!   Fun!

The organ (dating from 1875) had recently been renovated which had taken 18 months. A first concert was held on September 23. We would have very much liked to have attended but could not make it work to be here and missed it by a few days.
I decided I could discreetly VIDEO the last hymn.
I then took a VIDEO at the postlude when a lot of the people had already gone to the back of the church for coffee. It is longer though and I wondered whether I actually could upload it since the other one took forever. The organist is a young man Oliver.

Jane showed us the back of the organ. You could see the things move while he was playing. The plan is to replace the two doors hiding it with a plexiglass panel which I think is a great idea.

James' family is so very much connected to this church. And even I have a lot of memories (including the blessing of Helen and Ben's wedding in 2006). Coffee time took a while because many know James and of course there was a lot of talking. One of the members and longtime friends is DeeDee who is the present Mayor of Windsor. She is the 4th in her family to hold this office. It was very interesting talking with her.
Afterwards Phillipa is walking home most of the way with us. She and James are born one day apart and their families have always been friends and played together as children.

After lunch Jane had a wish. She wanted some help with her water garden. The plants had grown out of control. They had become one great mass with the pots imbedded and she could not lift it out by herself. It needs doing about every 5 years. It was a beautiful day and warm in the sun. We took the "mass" out and separated them as well as possible. Then we emptied the pond. Bucket after bucket. The water was pretty gross. I caught 6 goldfish and we kept them in a bucket with pond water. Then we filled it again with the water from the rain-catching barrels. Bucket after bucket. The goldfish were put back. The whole thing had been messy but we all were happy that we had completed the task.

Every other minute a big plane flew over rather low and noisy. That happens when you live close to Heathrow and they are using certain runways and landing in a certain direction. For me it's part of visiting James' family for 40 years.

Jane had to take a bath to get the mud splatters off.
The dinner she cooked was most delicious. Leek and broccoli with a white sauce and meat and roast potatoes with a brown sauce.

She knows I love rhubarb. Jane has it in the garden and puts it in the freezer. She must like me because this is rhubarb crumble.

Jane announced that she would have to wash yesterday's splattered clothes so James and I added to it. Perfect weather for hanging it outside.

After that we went up the town. James had bought train tickets for Tuesday and we had to pick them up. See Windsor Castle at the top of Peascod Street.

Queen Victoria is still standing there like my first visit to Windsor 40 years ago.

James and I actually did a little shopping and even were successful. It was fun popping into Boots, Daniels, some old familiar places.
Jane took us into Dorset Road where the family used to live to see what was going on there.
Crescent Garden, oh the memories.

After lunch we made a quick run to the post office to mail something to my sister in Germany ... and had to pop in next door because Jane had recommended it. We came out with an armful of children's books.
And we sat outside in the sun. Lovely. The water garden had settled a bit and the goldfish seemed to have forgiven me.

Jane produced a tasty dinner of leeks, mushroom and chicken over rice.

She made her nickname as "pudding queen" big honors again since it was plum crumble with cream today.

I had the rest of yesterday's rhubarb though ... and then a little of the plum, ha-ha.

No explanation needed here.

I managed to tat a heart.

And that's really all. Nice and relaxing. Going down memory lane. Time to go to bed. We have to rise early tomorrow.

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  1. Lovely day! I guess you finally were able to take communion? Jane has a lovely garden. An English garden is JUST what I’d have if I could find an English gardener!