Saturday, September 19, 2015

Europe Adventure Day 15


We had decided to leave Porto and move on to Lisbon. We had to take the local train for one stop from the train station in walking distance which we had admired so much. We had decided we should take the 9:10 am.



Campanhã was the main train station for Porto and that is where we were leaving at 9:47 am. It was all so easy. And the weather was nice too.



With our half-price tickets (because we are seniors) for 15.60 Euros each we had assigned seats in car # 6.

Alpha 4010 Carr 6 = that's what we had to sign on to if we wanted internet on the train. It was rather weak but nevertheless., it was nice.

It didn't even take three hours and I loved looking out of the window. In the beginning we went along the coast for a little while.




Then we went more inland. Kept wondering were the peregrinos might be walking.

I think it only did 3 stops. The one before ours has the most amazing train station. I love this picture (taken out of the window of course too)!



Then we were there ... and on time.


We figured we needed a taxi and that was inexpensive and easy too. Our hotel is again very conveniently located. We both had to laugh though. It was slightly more expensive then the posh Parador in Pontevedra but really no comparison. We did check for bedbugs and are ok. It will do for 2 nights.
As I said, the location is great and after we had settled in we went to explore.









A speciality are these fish cakes and we could watch through a window how she made them.



After we had been to the big plaza at the river we felt we needed a coffee. There was a pasteleria right after the fish cakes.




So we enjoyed sitting outside in the shade.



Refreshed we decided there was still plenty of time to do things. On the way up to the castle we stopped at the cathedral (may be I shouldn't say but it was a bit disappointing).




In one of the niches behind glass was this display of ecclesiastical things = bishop miters with lots of semi precious stones. James reminded me that this was Portugal which was linked very much to Brazil which had lots of those in its dirt.



I did dig in my coins and lit 5 candles for people in my prayers.



The baptism font was in a niche behind a heavy cast iron door.



The tile picture was something to be admired though.



And up we went the hill further to the castle.



It was so worth it though.







The castle was actually more a fort then anything else. For soldiers to defend. No living quarters really. And what there was was a bit of a ruin. Nevertheless we could walk around on those walls and it was very nice.


The big white building in the back is the train station where we arrived.






And then it was time to go down again. Wow, those streets were steep. And narrow. And surprising around each corner. Fun.




Look at this tree!



Crochet covering.




We stopped for something to drink and one of those fish thingies each.



On the way to the hotel I took a picture of this building which I had seen earlier. Because it has a Starbucks in it we call it the Starbucksbuilding.



After a few moments of feet up in the hotel we decided it was time for some dinner. Downstairs we decided we didn't really wanted to go far and just went into the restaurant next door. It was a bit posh and we were not really dressed for it but we didn't mind.

I had grilled lamb chops and James a steak with pepper sauce. We had a lively conversation with a couple from Canada on the next table.




Tired enough to sleep anywhere. Night night.



  1. Wow, even the "bit disappointing churches" are so grand! (Although I understand completely that you are comparing them to the more ornate ones you have seen previously!)

    The city looks beautiful, but all those hills -- you must be exhausted by the end of the day. Thank you for sharing this beautiful vacation with us.

  2. Gorgeous city! And surprises around every corner makes walking a little less exhausting - until the end of the day, that is!

    We love all manner of ruins - that castle would have thrilled us!