Monday, September 28, 2015

Europe Adventure Day 23


Even so Bec and Mark apologized a dozen times for not having heating in their "construction site", we had a very good night. The house is so interesting and we can understand that they fell in love with it. The photo says that it is in Bury Saint Edmunds. It comes with a lot of history. One of the previous owners was a survivor from the Titanic and she lived the rest of her life in this house After she retired.

This kitchen has made great progress. The cabinets are custom made by Mark's stepfather. Bec's father David also had his hand in this. I love the style and the wood.



Mark is making the coffee for our breakfast.



Bread made overnight in the bread machine and eggs laid by their free-ranging chickens.



And this is how scrambled eggs look like when the chickens find their own food. I think I am "yellow with envy".



We went up and down the stairs to pack our stuff and the cats played hide and seek behind the towel hanging over the railing.



They also wanted to help pack.




I was distracted when we got the tour yesterday and didn't take any pictures. I am trying to catch up.

The house from the garden side. The thatched roof is a work of art.



Way in the back the chickens are running around. They were huddling when they saw us strangers. I only wanted to say thank-you for the eggs.



The house from the front.




It came with its name "Maythorn"





I think around 10:30 am we packed the car again. Bec was driving us to Windsor. Mark had things to do and stayed behind but he let Bec take the car he normally drives. The Jaguar is a very elegant, quiet, smooth and comfy car.

Even on a Saturday the traffic is very heavy around London. But about 1:30pm we arrived at Jane's (James'sister). Her flowers in the front were so gorgeous.



And in the back too.




After some tea and lunch we all went for a walk. We decided to walk to the river. The Thames is always nice. Here was an interesting houseboat.




Then we wanted to walk back through Alexandra Gardens.

You can see the castle.



It was perfect timing. We could watch some Morris Dancers for a while. This is what Wikipedia says about it:

Morris dance is a form of English folk dance usually accompanied by music. It is based on rhythmic stepping and the execution of choreographed figures by a group of dancers, usually wearing bell pads on their shins. Implements such as sticks, swords and handkerchiefs may also be wielded by the dancers.



Don't know why this man was carrying a barn owl around. I tried to ask him whether it was a rescue animal but if I understood him right he had bought it.














After the walk I think we had another cuppa tea and then Bec had to leave for her drive back. Another 2+ hours on the road but I bet she had the radio on.




It was great seeing her and Mark and their house. It was so nice of them to pick us up from the airport and even bring us to Windsor. THANK YOU very much. Hope to see you again soon in Virginia but I assume finishing the House is going to be priority.

You know I like my gadgets! Sarah and Caleb did FaceTime and I took a screenshot. I think we were gone too long because at the first moment Caleb looked quizzed. But soon he recognized Papa and Omi.



Helen and William were very busy on Saturday with the science museum and a free visit to the Frist. She posted lovely photos and I could "steal" this from Facebook.



Ah, those sweet faces! That makes for a good night's sleep.



  1. Ah, it seems all I had to do is ask! Et voila, more details on the 300 year old house! Looks enchanting! And Ann's flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. er, I meant JANE's flowers...... lost my head there for a second, forgive me.

  3. Beginning to wonder if you are following us around ! We were in Spain the same time, and in London on Sunday.

  4. Those eggs! That bacon! I am very, very envious! When I saw the thatched roof, I was DONE! How lovely for them and what fortunate folk. I’m so glad that after your spectacular and strenuous trip, you are having a nice, family visit!