Thursday, September 17, 2015

Europe Adventure Day 13


James is my hero! When we had checked into our room two nights ago I saw a mosquito fly around, couldn't find it and then forgot about it. Yesterday morning I woke up with three bites. Two on my left hand and one on my right hand and they itched like crazy all day. Never saw a mozzy and thought may be I shouldn't eat so much pulpo.

Last night, a while after we had turned off the lights, I heard the singing close to my ear. Jump up and turn the light on. Search the room. No mozzy. I was sure I had not dreamed it. I was also sure I would not be able to sleep. Those bites itched too much. AND THERE IT WAS! High up close to the ceiling! I gave a towel to my tall-man and it was gone with one swat. But was it dead? Never heard anything after that. Found the corpse this morning. How little things can make you miserable or make your day (night) better. Had a good night's sleep after that.

Woke up at 6:30 and were at breakfast at 7:30. Packed and checked out. Nice surprise because they charged us less then they said they would.

At the check-out we met a lady pharmacist (Walgreens) from Wisconsin who told us her horror story. She and her husband wanted to do 2 weeks of Camino and the airline lost his backpack. They had to stay in a hotel and wait and ended up never getting it. My heart goes out to them. She says the worst is the loss of her precious vacation.

Shortly after 9 we wanted a taxi to the bus station. Sunday a week ago it had been there in 2 minutes. It took much longer this time and we got a little nervous. But then it came and all was well even so the traffic was so much heavier.

Lots of people waiting for the bus but we had our tickets already. We had some nice chats. A man from Holland had just done his 7th Camino. A couple from Australia was sitting behind us and had just done the last bit on the Frances.

It was interesting to look out of the window and see whether we recognized anything of what we had walked. And then of course came all we didn't know as soon as we were over the border and in Portugal.

We still had the occasional shower.






Arriving in Porto, Portugal. Forgot to take a picture. Ours was the yellow bus way in the back.



We took a taxi and for 8 Euros we were at the hotel in no time. Too much luggage to do it differently. The hotel was not very impressive from the outside but the people are friendly and helpful and the room is very nice.



And the location is super. We can do the old city center by foot from this plaza.



As soon as we were situated we went to explore.



A lot of the streets are pedestrian friendly. And this was an interesting church squashed between the houses.




Those tiles seem to be a Portugese thing. They seem everywhere. Most very beautiful.




Just a few steps further and we decided on a late lunch. We ordered the top two things on the menu. Very Portugese too.



James had the ARROZ DE POLVO (pulpo in rice) and I had BACALHAU à BRAGA (cod with an onion sauce and potatoes). The fish was more bones then anything else though.




It was a bit cold sitting in the shade. But then some music came (VIDEO)



After we were refreshed we walked further down to the river. We were surprised. Porto's streets are steep up and down. But the town has a lot of atmosphere. We will take a better look tomorrow.





We both had a sweet tooth and found a table inside this bakery.




But then a lady was carried in who had done some damage to her foot. She looked white as a sheet and as if she was going to faint. She was seated at the next table. Then an ambulance came with some EMTs. Yes, you really have to watch were you are stepping here. James and I are warning each other all the time.



Leaving with her. I hope she is alright.




Then we made our way back towards our hotel but a bit in a round-about sort of way. See the doggie on the balcony on the right? He wanted to defend his territory loudly.







We had gathered brochures from different hop on and hop off buses. There seem to be three companies. James tries to figure it out over a coffee on "our" plaza.



Back to the hotel for a rest and then we head out for dinner. We didn't want to walk too far but a lot looked to cafeteria style. This one had a bit more atmosphere. Ha-ha, let's say it was different. We had fun. But first I had to have a glass of Port in Porto.



Fish pie for me.




James felt like having dessert. It was a tart with a mouse kind of filling and passion fruit topping. It was gone before I could take a picture ha-ha.



On the way back we popped into the train station for local trains. Wow, look at those tiles.







The lady at our reception was very knowledgable so we bought tickets for a hop on bus tomorrow. Time to say night night.


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  1. What a beautiful city. I love all of the pedestrian areas in European cities. Looking forward to more!