Thursday, May 12, 2016

He is back

Friday May 6


Papa is coming tomorrow! Ben was adamant that we should make a welcoming poster and was leading this group. I volunteered to get the poster board. Helen provided glue and brush. Yes, I can print photos at the TH. We have scissors. Ben had very good ideas and we all had fun. And William was very eager too.





Disclaimer: those are only the official km/miles. With the flood detours and wrong way extra km due to inefficient signage the number should be much higher. His FitBit says that he took roughly 1,106,000 steps on this trip.



Helen and Ben went home. William spent the night.


Saturday morning he was very cuddly.



We didn't really have any plans ... until we can go to the airport. But Helen called to say that it was Home Depot workshop day. So William and I were there shortly after 9am to make an "angry bird" bird house. It's supposed to be crooked.





The above didn't take long and we were back soon. The weather was lovely so we decided to go and feed the ducks. The walk was good for both of us. We saw a big grey heron but nothing else at first. Then one Canadian goose came flying from across the pond followed by 7 male ducks. We discussed that their wives are probably sitting on eggs in the nests. Oh yes, a turtle also came swimming and wanted to be fed.




The Canadian goose was not very friendly to the ducks so they decided to get their treats on the grass. William decided to make a trail.



Lots of blooming things to see on the way home. So pretty.




Times with William are fun. He was happy to help unload the dishwasher. He was very good with the cutlery. Nothing for me to move later.




Finally we all met at the airport. William found a screen were he found Papa's plane flying closer.




William is practicing how he is going to greet Papa.






Waiting for Papa's backpack.



Sunday ... Mothers Day!

James and I were meeting Helen and William at her church at 9am. Afterwards she was taking William to visit Mops and GeeGee but we wanted to do lunch together. We hadn't quite discussed the details. Thinking that restaurants might be full on Mother's Day I put veggies in a crockpot. Just in case.




No problem at Olive Garden in Mt Juliet. All good.




Each table has a little screen with the menu AND games. William knows what to do.


Sarah and Caleb called with FaceTime to welcome Papa back too. Caleb was very excited to see him.




Monday morning I went to Goodlettsville again to retrieve my latest quilt from the longarmer. Trimming, hanging sleeve, binding. Still needs hand sewing but here it is:



Monday we picked William up from school. Helen had made an appointment for his haircut. He was excellent and cooperative. We had to watch a little boy scream bloody murder and making it very difficult for the hair cutter and his mother.





Tuesday = pick up from school and straight to the TH for homework and play. Today is Lego time. Just enough time for the duck until we meet Helen and Ben for dinner at La Hacienda. We had so much fun that the lady on the next table turned around to tell me that she is enjoying my laugh.





Wednesday is garden club time after school. Since William is a kindergartener an adult has to be present. While I stayed James went to sort out our internet/TV situation here. We will soon have faster internet for less money. Sounds great.

William loves the garden club and got nicely dirty.






After scrubbing and homework and some play it was time for Wed night church which he loves too. It includes dinner.

I am not sure about this eating system but the plate was empty at the end.




All ready for Pentecost.




Packed up my sewing machine and all the stuff scattered in the guest room. A vacuuming to make sure there are no pins in the carpet. So looking forward to Aunty (to Helen and William) Jane's visit. James' sister coming from London/England today. Her first plane should have landed in the USA about 20 minutes ago.



  1. What a busy/happy time. I am glad that your James is safely home again--what an adventure he had.

  2. Fantastic Welcome Home. Your quilt is beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful welcoming committee! I love the picture of James arriving!

    Love how William eats his hot dog!