Wednesday, May 18, 2016

William's birthday ~ special visitor

Thursday May 12 (or as William calls it: two days before his birthday)

Waiting for Aunt Jane to arrive at the airport.






William's field day at school. Of course we had to come and cheer too.


VIDEO 2 (partially in slo-mo)



We didn't stay for all. We missed that William hit a target with a ball and dunked a teacher into the dunking booth. Helen shared some photos with me:





Later in the afternoon we even sat outside on the deck. One of the few nice days this May.



William and Helen came for the "stuffed peppers" dinner. Aunt Jane had brought some presents. William gives a happy thank-you hug.




Oh yes, the "puddin' queen" had made an apple and blackberry crumble.





Saturday May 14

William's birthday (unfortunately also the day Papa broke his ankle two years ago in Spain)

After breakfast he asked whether he could open a Kinder Egg. Mummy had said on his birthday he could whenever he wanted.




At 9 am I drove William to the church for the work in the community garden, where we met Mommy Helen. It rained when we arrived but supposedly it got done. Afterwards they came back to the townhouse where we had lunch.




The party was from 2 - 4 pm at the Green Elephant Arts Studio and there were potentially 10 children who could paint.

The theme of the party was weather and Legos, two of William's favorite interests. Helen had come up with a wonderful idea for a cake and she had ordered it from somebody at her church. The tornado is made with rice-crispy and eatable too.







Waiting for a few more guests. But there is plenty to play with here.



The children got a lesson how to compose a picture. Not all 10 spots/canvasses were taken so Kim and Suzanne tried it and I made a painting too. It even turned out pretty good.








Of course there comes the time of the cake: singing, cutting, eating.

VIDEO singing in English

VIDEO singing in Spanish (I was a moment too late)

VIDEO hip-hip hurray (a Burr family thing)



After the "official" party the 6 of us went to the townhouse for more present-opening.



A non-tear world map from Aunt Jane. William immidiately pointed out where Spain was, Papa's long walk. And Costa Rica.




A VIDEO Ben shared!

Dinner was the old stand-by taco salad. I am glad Jane liked it too.



And since I am writing this blog a second time (my first draft just disappeared) I am posting what I have done so far and put the "rest of Nashville from this trip" into the next blog. Arggg, the aggravation! Hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Happy Birthday to William! What a fantastic, full day he had! So glad that James was there to celebrate!