Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jane's visit

Monday May 16

We arrived back in Virginia about 5 pm and Sarah asked whether it was too late to come by with Caleb. We had not seen each other for such a long time. And of course she wanted to see her Aunt Jane as much as possible in the short time.

Caleb found the "helicopter" toy right away. Loves it just like his cousin William.



Soon it landed in the loft and Aunt Jane ran up to throw it down. You can barely see it on the right.



Aunt Jane also brought a toy for Caleb. You can always play with the nativity figures.



He carried them all to Papa to put them into the "house" where it got very crowded. (Sarah told us later that he ran to his Daddy when they got home to tell him that he got a new toy)






Baby A and Baby B are are growing nicely.




Wednesday May 18

The weather during Jane's visit is very disappointing. It is not like it is supposed to be. In fact it is very English. Too cold and too rainy. But nothing we can do about. Jane is an accomplished gardener and usually puts my annuals into the ground/pots. We were very lucky this morning to find very nice and very reasonable geraniums in the second shop we tried. Together with some blue ....... they will look very nice.







In the morning I went briefly to see my friends at the "Stitchers" while James and Jane did some errands. The day before Jane had ordered 2 pairs of glasses for which she paid less than half what they would have been back home. They were ready to pick up.

In the afternoon I did some cooking because Sarah, Wade and Caleb came for dinner. And so did Julie C. because she and Jane know each other too. I made taco salad again and worried that Jane might get tired of it. She said she had never had it before when we had it in Nashville. And then leftovers. Now again and later leftovers again. But she kept saying that she really likes it and is not tired of it.



The ball spitting pig is another new toy (3$ from Target) which is a lot of fun.



Especially when he discovers that he can stick his hand in and Papa can hold on to it.








Sarah's day off. We decide to go to the zoo. And the weather even cooperates. Yeah! Don't know why I didn't really take pictures this time. But I think I got a few cute ones.











Word had come from Christchurch (England) that Olivia needed a name badge just like Catherine's last year. So Jane and I did teamwork. And she can take it with her which is always a plus.



In the evening we were invited to the Wallers for dinner. The Preakness horseracing was on.









Caleb at the dinner table. Such a big boy.



It was dark when we left and I saw the colored glass picture in the window which I had received about 40 years ago from Renate and Wolfgang. Ah the memories.





Not much on the agenda but Jane wants to invite us to lunch. We go to the "Cheesecake factory" and it's very nice.



We show Jane how we change the quilt on the very high rod. We just finished the hanging sleeve which it never got (until now). Jane did the hand sewing part.





Oh dear. Time for Jane to pack. Not much we can do in the morning. We stroll around in the garden. The peonies are in a hidden spot so I cut some of the blossoms to enjoy them indoors. I am surprised a few days later how well they last in a vase.




Remember the amaryllis which started making a flower in the garage? When we came back from Nashville that one was over but it had made another one. Too bad Jane can't see it open. There would have been a third flower if it had not run out of water while I was gone.



At 12:45 we left for the airport. Happy to report that she had excellent travel home. She said she wants to come again next year at the time of William's 7th birthday. Wonder how many times she can eat taco salad then?


On a sad note ... our hearts and thoughts are with Ben who lost his grandmother GeeGee. These are difficult times for him, Helen and William ... and of course Ben's mother Joy who shared a house with her mother for about 30 years. Mrs Jessie Hall was a wonderful southern lady and we enjoyed it every time we met her.




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    1. It was great to see Jane. It sounds like a wonderful visit for everyone!

  2. What a grand visit you all had. I dearly wish that a dedicated gardener would visit me sometime. My yard is a scandal!

    Wonderful pictures of Jane and Caleb!