Wednesday, May 18, 2016

More Nashville

Sunday May 15

William spent the night with us. Today he is a bit out-of-sorts. He knows we are leaving tomorrow. It's not easy for the little guy. But there is church in the morning. It's Pentecost. Here is a VIDEO of the closing of the service.

Lunch of the leftovers. Got to whittle the contents down.

And then it's off to William's last "Little Milers" session. We watch from the bleachers. He has fun. I think his favorite is "Mr Fox".







Something to remember this.





Oh yes. Afterwards ...



We have to say good-by today. It's best to do that at the ice-cream place. Ben comes too and that helps also.





Alarm at 5:30 am. On the road at 6:20 am. Breakfast at Strawberry Plains.

Picnic lunch at Rural Retreat. Is it really May? It's so cold!



Getting closer. The lovely view over to the Blueridge Mountains from I-64.



Back in Glen Allen. My sweet williams look really pretty.



Going to see my sweet William in about one month.


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  1. Back home!!! I was so happy to run into you all at Kroger. It was a lovely surprise. And a big welcome back to Jane, too! Hope to see you all on Sunday.

    I am again touched by William’s deep connection to you two. He has such a full and happy life, but still obviously misses you all when you are gone. No amount of activities and fun things can replace Omi and Papa for him and that is wonderful.