Monday, May 2, 2016

More Nashville time

I also could have called this blog "this and that".

Sometimes you stumble about something new and good by accident. I wanted to make my spinach pie to take for lunch at Helen's. The receipe says half of this and half of that so I always just make two. Problem: I had only one pie pan. I did have a German cake pan though where the rim comes off. I lined the bottom with foil, put the rim on and put in a crust. Fitted perfectly. The crust came up a little all around. I didn't take a photo with the rim taken off but the pieces of pie looked really nice plated and ... so much easier then trying to get the first piece out of the pie plate.



Yes, I did some sewing when I was by myself in the nights. About that later.



Thursday Helen had her last garden class. As the week before I picked William up to spend the late afternoon and evening. I got him ready for bed and into his pjs before I handed him over again (school next day). He likes bubbles! He told me to "take a photo and send it to Mommy". Well, OK.




Friday he came with his little suitcase. Two nights. When I saw the car I opened the door. Wrong. Close it again. He wanted to ring the doorbell. "Who is there?"



When we brought his suitcase upstairs he saw something and asked what it was. The selfie stick (with which I am as useless as without). Of course we had to try it. It didn't work very well probably because my iPhone is in a case and it doesn't let me push the connection good enough into the little hole. We tried and took turns pushing the button. All of a sudden William had taken a burst of 235 photos. When we looked at them you could slide them at the bottom and it almost looked like a video. He had so much fun with that. Here are only a few I had saved.









Saturday evening Helen and Ben came for dinner too and we had Taco salad. It was a very nice evening. But William was happy to spend the second night.

Sunday morning church of course but William and I had a little time before it was time to leave. He wanted to do some jumping.

The photo is one I screenshot from THIS VIDEO.



After he had jumped he asked me whether I had seen his hair fly. No, not really. We couldn't see it in the video either very well.

Ok, so we had to take some more videos and I had the idea to use the slow motion feature. Oh, he had so much fun.





Afterwards Helen, William and I had leftover taco salad. We know that is something where he empties the plate. He didn't really want to leave the townhouse but he had "little milers" (running practice) again. I had to promise to meet them afterwards at the paletas place and all was well.




If you are reading James' blogs then you know that not all is well in his Camino world. But he is in very good spirits and he had several amazing angel encounters (that's what he calls it). But please keep him in your prayers too.



  1. Wonderful visit! I really love how much William enjoys his time with you. I know from experience how difficult long distance relationships are to maintain with an easy intimacy. That you and James have it with William is a credit to the two of you and to Helen!

    I have been following James and keeping him in my prayers. I know that it didn't turn out exactly HOW he wanted it to, but I truly believe that he accomplished everything he really set out to do. Miss you both!

  2. Cute Cute. But my favorite thing is that dog quilt behind all those selfies!

    1. In case you are interested to know more about it: