Sunday, May 8, 2016

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This was a wild week but perfect timing for me to be here. Helen was busy the whole week with helping William's great-grandmother who lives about 40 minutes away. GeeGee is a wonderful 92 year young southern lady. I was very happy to help out with William.

The first day William was a "rider" being picked up from school by car. There is quite a lot you need to know about the proper school regulations. We drove to "Omi's house" and played hard ... after doing homework which he happily did right away.

We had to do an experiment capturing the ball with slow motion again. The picture is a screenshot from the video. One can see the little blue ball. Second video is better then the first.







Weather was good so William was a walker. I was a little early so I had a nice time on a bench in the school garden. The sun was shining even if the picture doesn't show it.



We stopped at Kroger and bought some ice cream. William also picked some cones. We decided ice cream tastes best licked.



Our train set-up even has a road taped to the carpet. Found the roll at the dollar store in VA. He is great talking make-belief and coming up with situations.





In the morning I had time to work on my quilt which I had just retrieved from my longarmer.




Willam had a garden club meeting after school. Since he is a kindergartener an adult has to be present with him. Most of the other children are 3rd or 4th graders. It actually was very interesting.




There was a visiting educator who talked about flavored water versa sodas.



She had several different soda bottles with the amount of sugar in it which the drink actually contains. Eye opening. The children could taste all three waters. Some liked this one or that and some said "yuck".



They did weeding and seeding. It was gorgeous weather.






Afterwards quickly to Helen's house, doing homework and driving to church where we met Helen.




In the morning I had some time for sewing. First I did this month's Block Lotto.



Then I decided that the cats and dogs quilt needed a sleeve for hanging. I had won that quilt many years ago in Paducah KY. It us a great quilt and deserves better than those clips.



The afternoon was dedicated again to pick up William from school and have fun.




Once in a while one has to do kitchen duty. I had bought a box of mangoes and they screamed that they wanted to be "processed". We all love fresh mangoes.



I also had to make this butterfly for him. He had found some "glow in the dark" thread laying around and asked me to make him a butterfly. Omi delivered.




There is more to tell about the evening but that will be in another blog.


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  1. William is right – ice cream tastes MUCH better licked!

    The black and white and red quilt is especially lovely. What an unusual look!