Tuesday, June 12, 2018

British visit Day 6-8

Saturday June 9

A doing this and that kind of day. James and David went first to the 8 am breakfast of the St Martin's men. Kate had read some of my blogs and found out that when they had visited 5 years ago David had gone with James to the St Martin men's first ever breakfast. How about that?

Before returning they had dropped in to Harbor Freight next door to Nick's because David loves tools. He makes beautiful things from wood and actually found something to buy. Kate rolled her eyes but I certainly understand since I love my sewing gadgets.

David and James also tried to find out how our sliding door screen could be fixed. It was put in by the builder and is a make not available any longer. David was quite frustrated. He loves to fix.

In the afternoon the BBC Trooping of the Colours had to be watched. The Queen's official birthday. It was fun to see. The weather has certainly been very benevolent in England ... the royal wedding ... this birthday event ... it couldn't have been any better.

We were supposed to be at Sarah's around 5:30 pm. Sarah and Wade wanted to take Caleb to the Squirrel's baseball game and Kate and Dave were interested in going too since they had never been to one. It's not a sport in England. They kept talking that children play something called rounders. Here is more info about it.

The 5 left soon. James and I baby sat the twins. To make parting easier we put them in the stroller to walk around the block which they love. They were a bit cranky. Unfortunately we had not known which direction they would drive and they passed us. Can you believe that the twins recognized the car and called "Mommy, Mommy"? To me one car looks much like another. There are not that many different colors.

But soon they were happy again especially after we had given them supper. That went even better then usual. 

And then we really played. Fun!

They even cleaned up. Look at this VIDEO!

We got news from the ball field. They loved it. It was a double header and the Squirrels won the first.

Kate and Dave had the real American experience. Double header, hot dogs, extra inning, fire works.
Oh yes, and the Virginia heat. We were a bit worried about Dave so I had quickly sewed "coolers" for him and Kate after lunch. You soak it in water and then hang it around your neck. Amazing how it works and they loved it. Amazing how long it keeps you cool too but doesn't make you wet. I keep forgetting about it. I had written the pattern probably 20 years ago for a girl scout troop fundraiser. 

The twins were in bed. Time was moving along. It started to rain and we wondered about the games. Sarah had been sure that they would not stay for the second game and that there would not be fireworks either.

There would be fireworks and Caleb was eager to see it. Kate said there was lots of it and went on forever. Obviously they had fun even if "our" team lost the second game. They arrived home at about 10:30 pm with a sleeping Caleb carried in by Wade. 

Well, just as they arrived the sky opened to a tremendous downpour. We didn't know how to leave. Finally James ventured to get our car as close as possible to the open garage door and we hopped in one at a time. I had tried to take a photo from the front door but it shows nothing. Just a reminder.

Poor James had a difficult drive home, sneaking along barely more then 30 mph on the highway. Finally arrival at home and a generous nightcap was in order. 
Everybody had fun. Everybody happy. Lovely day.

Sunday June 10

Church day. We had only missed two Sundays in our church but it is always nice to be told to have been missed like we had been gone for months. Afterwards there was more than the usual coffee hour. A reception for this year's graduates. There was a lot of food including savory. All four of us like to talk with people and when we got home we didn't need lunch. 

It was fun but sorry,
no photos.

We sat around and talked a lot ... family events ... previous visits ... etc. Wished we had blogs from years ago because some things we could not figure out like in which house had we lived when they visited and we all went to the Smokey Mountains?

Kate and I decided we had to walk at least one time around the block since we had sat and talked a lot. Saw a kingfisher but could not get any closer. It didn't look like kingfishers I had seen before so we had to google about it. Such a great tool.

5ish we went to Sarah and Co. again. Of course we played with the children first. When the twins were in bed we had dinner. Sarah and Wade had made all the trimmings for fajitas and everybody fixed their own. So much good stuff. And I had already nibbled too much on the bean dip and the home-smoked salmon. Wade sure knows how do do that. I couldn't believe when he said it even had come out of their freezer. So good.

And yes "pudding". Apple dumplings ...

... and vanilla ice-cream. 

Helen and William just called to FaceTime when we got into the car to go home. They wanted to wish Kate and David a safe trip home (Kate and I were on the backseat). So sweet.

Monday June 11

All good things come to an end. D-Day (departure day). Packing time. Got my food saver (sucker) machine out. The tobacco is sealed so the clothes in the suitcase don't take the strong aroma. Years of experience!

It was somehow a gray and dingy day so I made my Turkish lentil soup for lunch. It was well received. I asked David to make custard one more time to enhance the cranberry bars. Ah, everything so bittersweet.

At 4 pm we left the house for the airport.

Bye-bye! Have a save trip home. 

And the rest of the story:
We heard that their plane was delayed and they missed their connection in Chicago. The airline gave them taxi, hotel and food vouchers. Now they are having a day flight home.


  1. Thank you Christa for the wonderful record of our holiday with you. It saved me having to take photos and we can look back on it for years to come.
    Love Kate and David X

    1. Thank you for being so patient with me about this. I am sure you really need all the food photos, ha-ha.

      (PS: good job commenting!)

  2. You all are always missed terribly – even if you are only gone one Sunday!

    Perhaps Wade would give Mike a lesson in smoking salmon. It is a favorite of mine and he hasn’t tried fish yet!