Sunday, May 18, 2014

More Ute and Eva and William's birthday

Wednesday May 14th
Even though we seem to be celebrating all week long, this is THE day. William had a class first thing (and he took some cupcakes). At 10 am Ute, Eva and I met Helen and William at the Pfunky Griddle, a place where you get the batter and toppings and you have to cook the pancakes yourself (and you have to pay for thus ha-ha). Even though neither Ute or Eva or I are avid pancake lovers, it was a fun experience.

Just around the corner is a yarn shop. I had promised Eva to take her there. She is a very fast knitter and turns out beautiful pieces.
William was very patient. The owners produced a box with toys and he liked this toy camera and went around and took "pictures".

Back at the townhouse (and probably after a nap but I can't remember), he tried on the pullover Eva had knitted before Christmas but the head opening had been too narrow. No problem. She fixed it and it will be big enough next season.

There was also some gift opening. Tante Ute had brought little work gloves from Germany. Just like Pops and Papa are using. They were a hit.

Thank you!

Since William has school most of the day and Helen is teaching this is the perfect day for us for an outing. We make the 2 hour drive to Paducah. First we visit the Quilt Museum. We took quite some time to look at all those masterpieces ... but of course no photography allowed.

Then we walk along the flood wall with all those beautiful paintings.

Time for lunch. Whaler's Catch of course. Everybody liked the idea of seafood. My diet: see food, eat it. Sigh!

Ute had the Quich of the day (shrimp)
Eva had Seafood Tortellini
I had the Fried Crawfish Étouffée

A visit to Grace Church and our Vati. Saw Libby and her husband too. That was nice since she is retiring as rector and I might not see her again. I wish them a great time close to their children.

Friday morning we worked full speed for William's birthday party on Saturday. Eva had volunteered to make her real German potato salad and Ute was washing, cutting and chopping for the mixed and fruit salads.

When we bought all the ingredients Eva kept looking at the oh-so American cupcakes in every color under the sun. She wanted just one once in her life so I bought the doggie to share.

I do need to mention though that there had been a big cloud over everything since Wednesday morning early when I saw that James tried calling me on his regular iPhone instead Skype or Viber. That meant emergency. He had been finally on his Camino, only on the third day of walking ... and he broke his ankle. He finally reached me from the ambulance on the way back to Seville. It was so difficult to be so far away, especially since he needed surgery.
Thursday I was just driving past our last house in Paducah to show it to Eva when I had to stop right there because he called reporting that he was fine after the surgery. What a coincidence.
By Friday morning things looked up though. I spent a good part of time to find a suitable hotel for two nights after his discharge from the hospital for him and a flight on Sunday to London. He is at this moment with his sister Jane in Windsor. She is a trained nurse, yeah!
He still has his humor and even posted a blog. Not good leaving it open ended ....


  1. Lovely blog. I am glad you are all having such a good time. The cloud makes it look as if there is smoke coming out of the locomotive.

  2. Happy Birthday to William! I've heard of those cook your own pancake restaurants, but never been to one. Have your ears been burning? I've finally finished making the cookies and the whole time I was wishing that you were here to teach me the trick of using your "German gadget". I started out ruining every other cookie and ended up 'only' ruining every 5th one! Miss you!