Tuesday, May 20, 2014

William's birthday party and the weekend

The party was at 11 am at the club house where they have a flat they are renting out. Omi is putting things in the car she shouldn't forget. The table and seats for the little guests.

Helen had a great idea the day before and I had cut 12 squares of muslin and ironed on freezer paper. I even had decorated/drawn on my square with the fabric markers to see whether it really works. Helen had asked me several days before whether I could make a really really light weight blanket for William for preschool. The hope now is that each guest (family unit) will make one square.

We met Helen and William a little before to finish the setting up.

William was very proud of his balloon party place markers.

Guests arrived and really liked the idea of "the project". There were also games for the children and of course the food.

They have great friends and I know many already. The children mingled too. Hank on Eva's arm.

And then the birthday cake! William wanted a "blue clues" party (children TV series) and he likes "earth" and science. That's why the blow-up globes where party gifts. Well, here is the paw-print cake. He was beaming.

And we were even allowed to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Party over at 1pm but there was help cleaning up and putting everything how it was.
Here is Pa George vacuum with William.

Back at the townhouse. Guess who was totally worn out?

Saturday evening
The first thing "the Germans" had said upon arrival was that they would like to go to a country music show. What better one than the Grand Ole Opry. Helen immediately went to the computer and came through for us. Tickets for the four of us for Saturday night 7pm to 9:15pm. The Grand Ole Opry is a life radio broadcast. Ben was kind to stay home with William.
It was great to have Helen with us because she knew which way to go and where to park etc.
We had a great time.

The weather had steadily improved and the Sunday morning was glorious. I put the sunsail up again. Ute and Eva enjoyed sitting outside and knitting.

But while I went to church the two were busy cooking a most delicious lunch. It was promptly ready 12:30 and Ben, Helen, William and I only had to sit down at the table. Eva with Ute's help had made her German specialities: Rindfleischrouladen (beef roulades) and gravy, red cabbage and Klöße (potato dumplings). It was a feast ... especially mostly for Helen who immidiately had to think of her Omi Ulla.

Afterwards (and after coffee) William took a nap while Helen took Eva on a tour of Nashville. The photos of course are from her.

Ute and I took the squares from the birthday party and finished William's blanket. It turned out really really nice.

After that it was bye-bye to Helen and William and packing. Tomorrow Ute, Eva and I are driving to Virginia.

Update about James: on Sunday he flew from Seville via Madrid to London. His sister Jane picked him up from Heathrow and he is spending two full days (3nights) with her in Windsor. She is a retired nurse and is taking good care of him I am sure. Wednesday he us coming home.


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  2. No idea what happened to my comment!
    I love the quilt you have made for William. Glad your visitors enjoyed Nashville, Chris and I loved it when we were there and have great memories of out back stage tour and the fact we sang on the stage!