Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ute and Eva in VA - part 2

Friday May 23
Sarah wanted to help her Dad getting the crutches and the wheelchair so we went to her house early short after 8am. I took care of Caleb and off they went.
Edy helped with Caleb too.

James found what he was looking for. We had to be back at our place by 11 am because James was expecting a visitor. Claus from Germany, who had been a colleague for many years and even at the same time in Singapore, was driving through to Washington Dulles Airport. They had a nice long chat while the three of us drove to Sarah. She and her family were going away for the long weekend (Memorial Day) and she needed to bring the dogs to their "hotel" which is difficult with Caleb. He was asleep when we arrived so while Sarah took care of the dogs I showed Ute and Eva all the remodeling Sarah and Wade had done since their wedding. That was the last time Ute and Eva had been visiting.
After a while we heard him talk. It was a short nap.

I had promised Eva that I would take her to an Indian restaurant sometime. Sarah likes that too especially since her husband doesn't really care for it. Ute said she would try anything. We had a very good lunch. Soup or salad was included. So was dessert which the waiter called strawberry cream. Whatever it was, it was the only thing not good. We kept talking about it for the rest of the day. I was proud of myself that I only tasted it but didn't eat it.

Then Sarah drove us to the Pony Pastures Rapids at the James River. The water is very high at the moment. We only got out of the car for a moment to get an impression. Caleb was asleep.

We found James in good spirits on the back patio. He is a patient patient. Of course it helps that Helen calls too and sends pictures and videos of William.

Helen texted pictures to Papa. William had an appointment and explained to his mommy that he needed to go doctor like Papa.

I think that William looked way cuter then Papa in the hospital in Seville.

Helen texted that this was William visiting Germany.

Saturday ... May 24 ... Memorial Day weekend
Ute and Eva like breakfast so we start the day off with soft-boiled eggs and toasted Torta Sandwich rolls (which we call Costco rolls), a great selection of cheese and other things.
The temperatures are so pleasant in the morning that I suggested to take Ute and Eva to the river early. James made himself comfy in front of golf on TV and I told the GPS to take us close to the museum on Tredegar Street. This is were James likes to park when he goes for hikes on Belle Isle but he told me more then once that you do not want to park under the trestles unless you want the car get oily from the trains above.

We then walked up the pedestrian bridge to Belle Isle from which you have such a nice view.

We then went to the Pipeline Trail. I could not park in our usual place because there was some construction but we found parking close enough.
None of us had a problem with the ladder down to the pipeline and the whole things was very pleasant. There were plenty of herons to watch and the James River was cascading mightily since we had so much rain.
There were lots of people about and we chatted with some. Anglers, hobby photographers with huge lenses. Everybody was friendly.

We watched him a while too. We thought this wasn't fair and way too easy just to throw out a big net ... but he didn't catch anything either.

We went home via Costco to get some of the food we needed. Ute and Eva could not believe the many tasting stations.
James had been able to accomplish some things like getting in touch with his friends that we would not be able to come to the 50th anniversary reunion of the rowing 8 with cox in Henley. James team had won the college championship that year. It would have been a glorious event ... all dressed up and with hats like the Kentucky Derby. And Pimm's on the lawn or so. Oh well ...
After lunch and coffee we all went to our new Kroger. I think James had been dying to try out the motorized wheelchair. My little boy had fun. Eva shopped for her cooking on Sunday (when we are in church ... like last Sunday).

We loafed around a little until our friend Julie came promptly at 5:30 for a glass of wine. Her birthday had been the day before so she got a candle in the fresh strawberries and we all sang. I did not want to sabotage her efforts to try to eat healthy with a cake.

She didn't want to stay for supper. We had sautéed assorted veggies which I cooked inside.

The others grilled the sausages outside.

And then we sat for quite a while around the dining room table and chatted.

Sunday May 25
Of course James and I went to church. It was a bit tedious with the wheelchair and the crutches but we (especially James) managed. We are getting a new understanding what "handicapped" means.

James had a little problem and asked our Parish Nurse Betty after the service for advice. Ah, it was so nice to see our friends. Everybody was so sweet.

While we were in church, Eva and Ute cooked lunch. This was the main meal for the day. Beautifully seasoned and moist pork chops. It would have been a true German meal if the asparagus was white = Spargel!

We truly relaxed the rest of the day. Sometimes sitting in the shade on the back patio, or watching golf, or knitting, talking.
Sarah texted this picture to us. She is spending the weekend on Topsail Island.


  1. We will have to go out for Indian food sometime. Mike and Jessica love it. I am totally ignorant about it – I’m a big sissy about spicy food and haven’t ever cared for curry, so I could use some advice!

    After church on Sunday, Mike and I were EXACTLY where you took your guests on Saturday. We stood under the train trestle when the train went over because I said how often to you get to say that you stood UNDER a train?

    1. Did you walk the Pipeline Trail? It is one of my favorite.

  2. No, just along the river a bit. We didn't even go home for walking shoes, so we took it easy. I've never walked the Pipeline - I'm not sure that I know where it starts! Jessica will, though.