Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ute und Eva and William's birthday

We took our time to get going. We chatted and had a long breakfast until we finally decided to get showered and dressed.
Then we went out to do a little shopping. But first we had to stop at the golf course to inquire because I had promised Eva that she could play here when she visits. It's ALL GOOD and arranged!
We had arranged the day before that when Helen and William would come we would go for lunch at Olive Garden. Being German Ute and Eva of course prefer to have the main meal of the day at noon. Unfortunately Eva got some of William's spaghetti sauce on her top (and we were not able to get it out in the wash) and Ute found a long hair in her soup almost at her last bite. Otherwise we gad fun.

William had sauce on his shirt too but Helen was able to take care of that. And Omi took care of dessert: Mango cream. You can see what William's job is in that process: cleaning a part of the machine. His mommy is having fun with him.

It was almost 5 when we finally got to the Opryland Hotel. On a hot day a good thing to do. Helen new where to park so we didn't have to pay the fee, especially since we had come with two cars.

This is the boat station where we later went for a ride.

First we went up and over the bridge to poke in some shops. Eva bought a souvenir golf ball.

We were lucky since it seemed we caught he last boat for the day. William was fascinated and ... ha-ha ... almost the last day that he was free. In two days he is 4 years and has to oay 7$.

This water dances to music. Ute and I remembered that we saw a light show once when we staid here many years ago for an event of James' company. She remembers more than I do.

There were lots of things to see from the boat. The lady guide pointed out many exotic plants and trees and named the fish etc. William looked left and right and hardly said a peep.

It's not easy for a little person to be interested in the same things as adults. He liked the escalator and the elevator. And he didn't like it when we had to go back to the cars. So Omi took him "huckepack". We run a little ahead and hid behind pillars or hedges and waited till the others came to say "boo". Oh how he liked it. Helen took these photos.

Helen and William went home. We three ladies went home to have a G&T and finish the leftover salad.

T-time for Eva at 8:04 am. Not a problem since the course is just behind our place. We went a little earlier since she had to rent the clubs. There were already lots of players around. Since she was a single and I just riding with her they asked us to start at the back 9.
It was a glorious day and all was perfect. Nobody behind or in front of us. Of course with strange clubs on an unknown place it was a bit of a challenge but Eva did great (3 pars) and we both had fun.

Yes, we saw all sorts of wildlife too. Birds and rabbits and a heron and this snapping turtle.

We were back sooner than expected and found Ute outside sitting under the sunsail reading.
Early lunch. After our coffee we went to Aldi and Kroger. Some things were needed like flour and cup cake liners.
In the afternoon we were busy cutting up the veggies for the taco salad dinner and baking banana bread muffins for William's birthday on Helen's request. There was much more dough for the muffins (or cup cakes) she needed that we also could do the b-cake in the "paw print" pan Helen had bought for that cause.

Suddenly we realized that the air conditioning was not working. I talked with a service person on the phone and he had a pretty good idea what it might be. The unit had frozen up. We shut it off and opened the windows. When Ben came for dinner he was kind to go with me into the attic to make sure we will not have any water damage.
But it was tolerable in the house and we had a fun dinner together. Ben later left to go running. William had a bath in Omi's tub and went home in his pjs.
We slept with open windows and it was not too bad. Woke up early to thunderstorm and steady rain. Eva could not have had a better day in the week to play her round of golf.

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  1. What a lovely couple of days. Heard from Julie today that you are on your way to Paducah. Have a safe trip and watch yourself. No more Burr injuries, please!