Monday, May 12, 2014

Omi-time and Mother s Day

Thursday ... Papa is gone. It is Helen's day to teach and William's day for school. When they arrive he is fast asleep in the car and she has to carry him in.

After his nap Omi volunteers for a walk. That's always fun. When I take a picture he always say "let's see".

It was "Muffins with Mom" day at Williams preschool and Omi was invited too.

The children had prepared gifts for their moms.

And then they sang.
Video 1 !
Video 2 !   (so American)

We played hard at the townhouse in the afternoon. Hide and seek. "Birdie peep".

Good thing Omi saved one of the boxes from the new night stands. So much fun.
And yes: Video

William stayed the night with me from Friday to Saturday. He was so sweet and we had a good time.
Saturday morning we had to go shopping and take care of several things. He was great. In the afternoon he was tired though and was asleep on the sofa in no time.

Sunday ... Mother's Day
One of the things we bought on Saturday was this ballon. William liked it to give to his Mommy. He held on to it very good all the way home. When he gave it to her he told her exactly what it said. I was impressed.

I met Helen and William at their new church for service which was very nice. People were very friendly. They obviously like young children like William. He is behaving very well in church though.

We knew my sister Ute and my cousin Eva were on their way to visit from Germany. Helen checked with the computer whether their planes were in time. All was well and I went to the airport short before 3 pm.
This is the area where you have to wait and there was life music. Welcome to Nashville, Country Musik City USA.

They arrived in very good form (and on time). Let the vacation begin!

William was awake and playing with his mother's balloon. He couldn't reach so he went to get the footstool from the bathroom.

Then Ben came too and the six of us had dinner on the back patio. Even with the sunsail it was a bit hot. Welcome to our summer.

And that ends this year's "Hallmark Holiday". I must say though that I am proud to be the mother of my beautiful two daughters. And I am very proud that they have become such wonderful mothers.

Sarah of course had called too and had texted this video with me. I hope she doesn't mind that I share this with you as well.

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend mother's day! And the "Where's William" game never loses its charm!