Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nashville time

The wedding (last blog) ended for us when the big bus brought us home to the hotel. There was still a brunch Sunday morning but we regretfully declined. William was waiting. Helen had texted us Saturday morning that he had woken up saying: "One more sleep and Omi and Papa are here?" He was even expecting to see us in his church but Helen had to keep telling him "after".

How can you resist that? So we got going and were there for lunch. Helen had organized a pizza.

Look what I got upon arrival!

Later we unpacked. Friends from our church had sent gifts for William with us.

I tried to take a picture of William throwing a kiss. Didn't quite work, ha-ha.

The few days James can be in Nashville before leaving he spent lots of quality time with William. William likes to go on outings and walks. They came back with very muddy shoes.

Nothing wrong with a stop at the DQ.

Monday evening I didn't feel like cooking yet (have to go shopping first) but there is a nice Mexican restaurant close to us so we headed out to it. How could we forget that it is May 5th? Cinco de Mayo? The line was out the door. Helen surgested Ruby Tuesday. Nice piece of salmon with a trip to the salad bar. Ha, James found very nice coupons in his iPhone too. Dinner was saved.

Uh uh, hands got sauce on.

I had bought a new bath toy from VA which of course we had to try out. He went home with Mommy in his pj, fell asleep in the car and was put straight to bed.

Next day Papa wanted to go to the park with him again but he fell asleep in the car and after 45 minutes he still didn't want to wake up. It was not such a success.

They did buy footstools for the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms though to make things easier for William to do by himself.

Wednesday we needed to buy two night stands for the long neglected guest room. William "helped" he thought it was great fun to squeeze between the furniture and wiggle his way around. And boy, is he fast.

The guest room looking much better. On Sunday my sister and my cousin will arrive from Germany. I am ready!

No commentary needed!

In the evening we went to Helen's church. Every Wednesday there is simple family meal and a short service with bible study classes before and after.

Tonight's menu: a hot dog bar.

Helen had told Pastor Rick that her Dad was going on a pilgrimage. So during the service James was asked to come forward and we prayed for his safe journey. People were excited to hear about and wanted his blog address to follow his adventure along.

Thursday morning. James has packed. We are passing the time until I have to bring him to the airport. Flying to Richmond today. Flying from Richmond to Seville Spain tomorrow. If you want to follow his adventure too, you can find "James on the way" always on the right side on my blog. If you want the blogs by email you can insert your email address on his blog site top right (mine is bottom right). Remember you will get an email (within seconds) and have to confirm.

Not quite time yet. James is SO READY!


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  1. William is getting so big. They need to make a trip to Richmond so I can see him in person! We will miss you all during your various trips this spring/summer!