Friday, May 23, 2014

Ute and Eva in VA ... and James back too

Monday May 19
Ute and Eva had asked the day before when we were leaving. I had said that I would like as early as possible but not later then 8am. Wow, they were good. At 7am we were on the road. Being from Germany they are not used to drive such long distances. I expect to stop more then usual which of course is totally ok.
I don't know how often we stopped, but we did have the usual stop in Strawberry Plains. Too late for the usual breakfast though which didn't matter. My decaf coffee was freshly brewed.
The last stop was on I-64 shortly after Wintergreen. It was a glorious day and Eva especially enjoyed looking at the landscape from the backseat.

We reached the house at about 6:30pm, quickly unloaded and walked to the Mexican restaurant next to our main gate just 5 minutes before the end of happy hour at 7pm. We each started with a margarita to celebrate our good travels.

We all had seafood fajitas and then happily walked back home. The weather is so mild and felt great.

Tuesday May 20
We had shopping to do since the cupboards were bare. Sarah (who had to work in the afternoon) and Caleb came for lunch. It was such a lovely day that we could sit outside.

Since James usually does the grilling (and I don't) Sarah did that part.

And then (after Sarah went to work) we did more shopping in the afternoon and generally just relaxed. The ladies were once in a while busy with some knitting.
At 5:30pm we walked around the corner to my friend Julie C for some nibbles and wine. She had warned that she doesn't speak German but it didn't matter because somehow everybody had a lot to say to everybody else. A very lively fun conversation!

Wednesday May 21
I was so excited. James was coming back today. Well, of course I wished that wasn't necessary and he could walk his pilgrimage ... but since he can't I want to do my part for his quick recovery.
At about 11:30 I started off driving to Washington Dulles Airport to pick James up. As expected the traffic on part of the way was horrible. His plane was due to arrive 3:02 (I could check the flight tracker on my phone) and I had plenty of time. I thought I might stay a bit in the cell phone waiting area to save parking fee, but it was too horrible and I also was in bad need of a big cup of coffee.
People watching! The time went really fast and there he was being wheeled out of the immigration/custom area. The person pushing James was really nice and brought him all the way to the parked car. The traffic was the same as coming, heavy and horrible in some parts but we had a lot to talk.
Welcome home, James. Even though it is not under the best of circumstances, you are back and will heal. We have reason to be grateful.
And there will be at least one more blog coming from James. Luckily he finds humor in all of the ugly.
Welcome home!

After a good night's sleep for all we had breakfast on the front patio in glorious weather (well, table Not Set in this pictures yet).

We were busy before lunch. First I had a routine doctor's visit (which I had already rescheduled once) and right after I took James to his doctor's visit. The orthopedic specialist was happy with what had been done in Spain. X-rays and then he took the cast off. The wound had to be redressed. Then James got a kind of boot which he is allowed to take off when he is sitting or in bed. Great improvement for his comfort. The doctor nixt plans we had to salvage the rest of our travel plans though. No flights in the next 2-3 months. Oh well ....
After lunch all four of us went out. We dropped Ute and Eva off at JoAnn's with more shopping possibilities next to it. James and I headed to a shop to find helpful things for him ... of which new crutches are one. He doesn't trust the old ones any longer even though we tried to straighten them. The last thing we need for them to give way under him. He had prescription from the doctor but this shop didn't accept insurance. So we picked up Ute and Eva again. I had to park James though and find them because they were not in the first shop. Eva had found a dress and was wondering whether it would fit. I encouraged her to try it on and she loved it and so did we and she bought it.
We had to be back not later then 4:45 because Sarah wanted to drop by with Caleb after work to say hello to her daddy. A huge thunderstorm and hail arrived just before her.

And here is a picture for Maren. Her mother likes G&T just like she did!


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  1. Wonderful times you are having - in spite of the worry. Nice to see you both last Sunday!