Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Europe trip - part 1

Monday August 18th


In the morning we were packing and more or less running around frantically to get ready for our trip. Still a few things to do.

Sarah came with Caleb for lunch and then they brought us to the airport.

As always ... you hurry and check in ... and then you have time again and wait. We decided to start off our vacation!



Finally in the plane in RIC, the first one. Yes, a selfie!



We taxied almost to the runway and then shut the engines off. Quite a rain.



I had a nice view fron the window. James thinks this might be Philadelphia.



When we landed I was definitely on the wrong side. I could see but not take a photo. It was clear as can be and we could see Manhatten even the Statue of Liberty and Fort Lee and the high rise we used to live in when we first came to the USA in ... 1975.

Then of course we had time to waste in Newark Airport.




And off we go.




Tuesday August 19


After an un-eventful flight (for which I am always grateful) we land in Zürich early in the morning and our friend Corry picked us up. The drive to Singen in Germany takes about an hour.

We get situated a little (brushing your teeth after a night flight always feels incredible good) and after Werner arrives too we have coffee (tea) and delicious cake.



After that Corry and I walk to a little grocery. She shows me where the post office is because James and I want to mail the clothes for the wedding and the gift to the mother of the groom. No sense to drag that around with us. We found out that this one is only open 9-12 am during vacation time.

This is Corry and Werner's house.



Werner put some flags up in our honor!



A few pictures taken on our walk. Almost every garden had trees laden with fruit and all looked so good.



Ha-ha, we also saw several forms of transportation.



And we got a tour of the house. I can't help but admire Corry's "green thumb".



In the afternoon Corry had to go into town again. James and I went along. My German telephone didn't cooperate and we found a T-mobile shop. It took a while. I got a new number (unfortunately) but it didn't cost me anything and I am set up again.



And besides all of that we also had to get the box for the parcel. As soon as we were home James and I turned the box into the right size and packed everything up.

In the evening Corry cooked a delicious meal for the four of us and we talked and talked and talked.


Wednesday August 20


After the four of us had a lovely breakfast together (mmhhh that German bread) I did my quick walk to the post office. It's at the end of this street. On the way home I took my time. It was a gorgeous morning!





There were just some pictures I had to take.



... like these sunflowers which were more then one story high. Besides, I love European gardens.



In the afternoon Corry needed to go into town again. I think it is so cool how most German cities have turned their city centers into areas for pedestrians.

Do you see the green bags James is carrying? I saw a shoe shop and I kind of took a look because I always used to buy my shoes in Germany. And since it is already the second summer I wear these every day they just don't look so good any more. Corry just knew where to go. I got very lucky! And James is very happy too with his 3 Euros 50 purchase.



Don't you like this patriotic bike?



Corry also bought "Zwetschgen Datschi". A specialty of the area. And that's what we had when we got back to the house.



For the evening Corry and Werner had also invited our other longtime friends. Our last reunion was 7 years ago in December when we came for James retirement party from the company in Zürich.

Bit it was like we had seen all just a week earlier. It was a phantastic evening.



Except it had turned a little cool.




But we sat close together, ha-ha.



Werner grilled different meats and Corry had made three different salads. All so good.





I had to take selfies left ...



... and right.



But even with the leftover fire we had to move inside after the meal.



While we did the moving Elvira ran home quickly to get a folded angel to show me. I think my friends from church will love what I bring home.



We talked and talked and talked. Oh yes, and laughed a lot.



Werner shared a nightcap. He likes "Kräuterschnapps" (and so do I).




Oh gosh, and then we had to say good-bye.

Corry and Werner, Elvira and Franz, Heike and Jürgen - we hope it will not take 7 years until we see each other again!!!


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  1. European gardens. A post office you can walk to. Good bread. Oh, I wish I was there! What are the white things on the cards that the lady in the black and white stripes is holding? They look embossed.