Sunday, August 24, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 3

Saturday August 23


(Today would have been my mother's birthday)


We woke up, leasurely had breakfast and packed. Then we made our way on foot to the harbor. When I saw this I could not resist taking the photo: the Santa Maria and a U-boat.


This is what I called the "suitcase parade".



We could bring our suitcases to the ship but otherwise they were not ready so we found a WiFi spot and a beer.



At 12:30 we could move into our assigned cabins and tried to organize ourselves a little.




Soon the boat left Split. Here is a VIDEO which might show it a little better than just a photo.



And lunch was served immidiately too.



We were told that this was typical Croatian food.






Today we are going to Makarsca.





Our boat the M/S Spalata. Actually since it has M/S in front of the name I probably should say "ship". It has 19 double cabins so 38 passengers.




First we turned left. I like this sculpture of a person floating on the sea.




This area doesn't seem to be interesting so we turn right and wander through the streets. We came to a church but it is closed.



The door handle is interesting though.



Dinner is on our own. There are several restaurants around this square and we choose one.

It is a bit early and we are not really hungry so we start with something to drink.



We had a conversation with a couple on the other side of the flowers.
And then we decide to share one appetizer portion of mussles.


It got quite interesting. Dark clouds came closer. Soon the mountains disappeared from the view. The awning was drawn to protect from eventual rain. Some people moved inside the restaurant which only had 3 tables inside and some people left.
The wind really picked up and the server came to tell us that we should come inside too. A couple inside wanted us to sit at there table. O.k.
And then the heavens opened with wind and lightning.



Our second course came which was grilled octopus and grilled mixed veggies.


The couple had ordered a mixed seafood platter for two which really would have been enough for an army. Maida and Milo were from Serbia and traveling on a different ship. He spoke some English and she German. We had a very lovely conversation.




When the rain had stopped we walked back to our ship.

We sat a little on the back deck and talked to our fellow travelers ... and the heavens opened again. Kind of cosy since we were in the dry.



The ship was in the harbor all night and at 3 am somebody who had been out partying couldn't find his/her cabin and tried our door with his key.



  1. Sounds and looks like you are having a great time. Are you uploading photos from your ipad?

  2. Beautiful. I am loving seeing the food and the scenery and your happy faces! I can tell you are having a wonderful time. How's James' ankle holding up?