Sunday, August 31, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 10

Saturday August 30


A lively view right from our cabin. It's time to pack though.



Breakfast was at 7:30 today because the Montenegro tour was starting at 8 am. We were not quite sure where we were supposed to meet the bus because the agent yesterday had said something about the bus station which was a mile down the road. Strength is in numbers and we were 7 so decided not to worry. The mini bus did come to the ship and we loaded all our luggage. The driver and the guide Ivanka told us that there were more from another ship but they couldn't find the other ship.

Thanks to cell phones. After several frantic calls she was told where the ship was and we drove there. 11 were waiting there wondering what had happened.

The bus was comfortable and Ivanka and the driver very nice. We drove for quite a while to the border and had a long wait. We had to give Ivanka our passports and she had to make a list with names, birthdays and passport numbers and who knows what else. She was very excited about every EU (European Union) passport she got. Others make the procedure longer because they need to be scanned.

We drove mostly along the coast to a large bay. We stopped for a picture opportunity. Beautiful! And there was a bridal party on the way to the wedding. And of course vendors.




Our first destination was Kotor where a local guide was waiting for us. We were 30 minutes late because of the delays at the border.

Another town with a great big wall around and this is the entrance.








Miro was an excellent guide. Well, I understood him because he talked loud and clear and not too fast but very excited about his town. We did not go into any buildings or churches but he told us what there was to see. He highly recommended the cathedral.



So we did go in and it was so worth it. It wasn't just a building and it gave you a good feeling of awe.




Upstairs was a museum. Most statues have blank faces but I liked these little ones and the hymnals where really special.







We just wandered through the alleys. Of course everywhere little cafés with tables and chairs in the streets. Somebody had made "tables" with wrought iron and wood which they just hang on the window bars. How genius!




Most churches are Roman Catholic but you find others too. This one is orthodox.




This one belongs to a monastery.




The "curtain" was carved.




Lunch was still a while so we had a little snack.






It is hard to see but the wall went up the mountain and there was even a church up higher.



This is where we were supposed to meet the bus again at 1:30 and everybody was punctual.

We continued our drive. Ivanka passed around this postcard of a sig zig zag road so we would appreciate the long tunnel we were driving through.



It was about 30 minutes to Budva where we were just let loose to find ourselves some lunch. No guided tour. We walked along the harbor and through the wall. Lots of narrow alleys again but not so impressive.




So many restaurants everywhere we have been and it is always the most difficult part to choose which one. This terrace was totally covered with vine to the point that it was too dark for a photo without flash. It was very "gemütlich" and we tried the very local "dark nik" (beer).





What do you expect when you are on vacation in the Mediterranean.




Unbelievable how many cats we have seen roaming around on this trip. The only place where there are more is on Facebook.




Through the wall a look at the sea.




From the outside not so unusual.





Oh no, is this "Mohnkuchen"? Poppyseeds. I asked a young couple next to me whether they spoke English and the young woman said "red flowers ... seeds ... but not bad for you". So cute.

So delicious.


We bought something for each of us and headed out to find a bench at the harbor. Found one. But a bee or wasp or whatever that persistent thing was found us too. I broke a piece off and laid it on the wall but no, it wanted my piece. So I wrapped it up and had it later in the bus.




Everybody was on time again and we started on our way back. Ivanka explained that we would not have to drive the whole way around the bay again but could take a ferry.






James with Beverly and Lewis from London England.



We took a different "little" check point for the border crossing this time and it was no problem.



The bus dropped us off all individually. Bev and Lewis were brought to their hotel first, then the boat people to their ship. Michelle, Belinda and Emma next and we last at our hotel.

We only had to walk a short distance with our rolling suitcases because the Hotel Zagreb was on the pedestrian promenade.

The hotel is great. One could describe it with "old classic". The room is a quite large but we have to laugh about the shower. It's a corner thing with both sides sliding back but only so far. Even my slim husband has a problem getting in and out. You have to vertically squeeze through. Not too long ago 20 pounds heavier I might not have had a shower here.


After we had checked in and refreshed we went out to find dinner.

James' Dalmatian Plate with seafood salad. I got his little sardines.




I had lamb burgers. James loved my round French fries.



There was live music close by and the air was just perfect. James' ankle was still good enough for a walk along the sea. It was just great.



Well, we had to work off some of that dinner ... and the cake ... and the lunch ... and the breakfast we are not used to ... besides the beer and wine. Oh well ...


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  1. How I love the beautiful old buildings and winding streets of European cities! The churches are lovely. Mike and I called our England/Paris trip the “church tour” because we ducked into every one we could find. That is a LOT of poppy seeds. How did it taste?