Monday, August 25, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 4

Sunday August 24


Bye-bye Makarska.



Hello Bol, city on Brač.



This is a very famous beach called the Golden Horn. We were told one of the very few with lovely sand ... but actually it was tiny pebbles (I was told).

Some were brought over with the rubber dingy.



Some just went in off the ship.



James enjoyed it. He doesn't mind cold water like his wife who was perfectly happy and content to watch.




Then the ship continued to Stari Grad.



This is were we harbored and stayed the night.



James and I went for a walk. The first thing right there was what we thought was a church but found out later it was a mausoleum. It was under serious renovation. We squeezed through the opening.




Bol is actually a very historic place. The houses are close together and the narrow alleys like a maze.

We came to another church but it was closed. The window was a crack open and I could see two lovely stained glass windows. It took a little effort to take a picture through that crack which was not just a blurry white.





We went further towards the monastery. There was a lovely smell from the fields next to it. The museum was closed till 4 pm though.



So we wandered the alleys.







We ended at the harbor and had a refreshment.



The monastery museum was supposed to open at 4 pm and we were there promptly.



There is a lot of history here too. The town was started about 3000 years ago by the Greeks and called Phamos. In the museum you could see a few mosaics which they had found several feet below some streets.



This painting, "The Pita" is an original by the Venetian artist, Tintoretto. The town was ruled by the Venetians in the 1500's.


Of course if there is some lace I have to take a photo. Gold metal bobbin lace!



So much to see in this church and lots of lace but mostly filet crochet.







We went back to the ship and then I decided I really needed a walk and wanted to see the beach. It wasn't very far but the walk (less then a mile round trip) felt very good.

The beach was very rocky but there were concrete platforms and ladders and people really enjoyed it. I put my feet in.



So lovely. So peaceful



Tonight was the captain's dinner.the captain gives a speech. Very short since he doesn't speak English.



More festive then usual with candles,



First course: mussels! Lovely.



James is not so excited. A whole fish for each person. Since there is more to eat he doesn't take one and is promptly given beef. He felt bad about it first but since the captain had beef instead of fish it was o.k.




It was a lovely evening. We are getting to know the others and all are so nice. I think we are 38 and we are the only ones from the USA. Some from Canada and lots from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Many with roots here and living there.




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  1. I would love to have seen that mausoleum. It looks so familiar. I think I’ve seen it on one of the travel shows.

    I love the chandelier in the church – so colorful. Was it siesta time? No crowds anywhere, it looks like – heavenly!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. It is lovely to 'travel' along with you all.