Saturday, August 30, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 8

Thursday August 28


Bye bye Korčula. We are on our way early again and were told that it will take several hours to our next stop.



The sea was fairly rough and only about half the people appeared for breakfast. After breakfast we settle on the back deck again. I like this one because it is in the shade and you can take advantage of bits and pieces of the internet. James remembers that he has a GPS app on his iPhone and plays with that.




We notice that the mountains get more vegetation and see more vinyards and fields. The sea also gets calmer with shelter between the islands.





It gets a bit rough outside and we move inside. I had to go quickly to our cabin to close the porthole in the bathroom because it was even spraying it inside although it was on the main deck. The people with cabins on the lower deck really had to watch it this day.

A group on the table at the back right played cards. Many read books. And there were always friendly conversations going on.



The captain peeked through the window from the kitchen.






The captain found a nice sheltered cove to anchor. Swim opportunity! Guess what? Christa felt like it too. Everybody said that the water was lovely and warm.



The nice young couple from France was enjoying it.









Lunch was great. This time Neno brought big platters to each table for us to make ourselves nice salads. Everybody was happy about that and praised it. Neno told us that the captain doesn't like it so much because he is a meat and potato man.




Captain changes where we go because of the windy weather. For the night we harbor in Slano. James and I go for a walk but there is not much there.

Our ship the Spalato was the first one to tie up. Then when others came, they tied on to us and when those passengers want to go on land the have to cross our ship. It's done in every harbor.

The ship next to us was full of young people and did they party that night!




We buy an ice cream (as if we really need that). I am still not good taking selfies.





Next to the church was a free archeological museum. It was basically a walled garden with some very old stone sarcophagus from Roman times and grave plates. It was very peaceful in there. I liked these flowers and would like to know what they are.





Because there was not a selection of restaurants the crew had offered dinner (a BBQ) on board for an extra 15 €. Here is the large platter with different meats and of cause the Ćevapčići (somewhere it was described as skinless sausages) James had them in a restaurant the evening before.



We sat a long time outside with others talking. At midnight a fishing boat tied up next to us and we watched the crew unload the catch of the day.



Night night. This was another lovely day.


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  1. I know that you are home and all this is now a lovely memory, but illness and travel got in the way of my being able to enjoy your trip, so I’ll read and comment as if it were in the proper time! The color of the water is astonishing! Love the pictures of you and James swimming!