Thursday, August 28, 2014

Europe trip - Part 7

Wednesday August 27


We left Vis early as this was going to be a longer way to our next destination 4 1/2 hours or so. Since the captain was going full speed the ship rocked a bit and some passengers seemed to have a problem with it. Breakfast at 8 seemed only be attended by half of the people.

Neno thought that Don would be safer tied to the pole.



We spent most of the time on the back deck reading, talking, dreaming.



Look what I did! Not sure whether I manage to do 24 before Christmas though.


And there were lots of sailboats out today. A pretty sight even if you can't see the half a dozen ones on the horizon.



Lunch was a very important Croatian dish and served on important holidays like Christmas.

It is called "Pasticada". Beef is marinated for 24 hours in red wine, white wine and pro secco. Served with gnocchi (little potato dumplings). The carrot in the middle of the roast must be a special touch.



We anchored (and tied up to a tree on a little island) for quite a while for swimming opportunities.

At 4 or 4:30 we moved on.


Korčula ... a very historic town.



We harbor. This time we are tied up second in line and don't have to do much ship-hopping. Even the maneuvering and tying up is interesting to watch. Ha, and I don't even like to do parallel parking.

James and I go on land to wander around. We are supposed to meet the guide Andrea at 6:30 pm with the others for a walking tour.










There was advertisement for a Marco Polo Museum but when we looked into it we didn't find it appealing. Way too childish. We did find the City Museum, paid the fee and it was quite interesting.

This was the kitchen on the third floor. They were always there because water was scares and if they burned most likely only the roof burned and not the whole house.



Chamber pot and sewer (?) on the left in the picture.



A home coffee roasting gadget. Ben, what do you think about this?




As the guide later told us, there are 8 churches inside the city walls. I really liked this one. Later we found out from the guide that the house left of it with the little tower belonged to Marco Polo. She said that he supposedly was from Venice but since Korčula was under Venetian rule for about 400 years he was a Venetian citizen. Lots of the architecture was in the Venetian style.





James and St James.



Straight ahead Marco Polo house again.



One of the city wall towers left. The guide later told us that the reason why the towers look like halfs because there used to be a strong wall there too. The only thing you could see from the sea is roofs.



Another of the city wall towers which are left. This one is a bar. The patrons have to climb up to the roof top on the ladder. You can see that behind the glass. The orders are being pulled up on the outside.



We met two other couples from the ship and had some refreshments with them.


Meet the guide at the green lantern at 6:30 pm. These three young ladies arrived first. Belinda, Emma and Michelle from Sydney Australia. Lovely travel companions. Enjoyed getting to know them a little very much.



This is the museum we had visited earlier.



Andrea stopped here to talk to us outside the cathedral. Very interesting.




After about one hour we ended up at the sea gate just in time for the sunset. It was lovely and I don't know which one I like better.




The group split up and James and I looked for a place for dinner.



A lot of the places had "reserved" sign on the tables. But we found a place in an alley without sea view. It was very nice and the server was very eager to please.




James had to try the traditional Ćevapčići and I had Seafood Risotto. It was very delicious.



Short stroll back to the ship and social time on the deck about the different experiences our fellow travelers had. There are at least two more couples on this ship who are also on their way to a wedding.


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  1. I am so impressed that you are doing cross stitch on your vacation! I looked up a recipe for Pasticada. It looks delicious! By the way, I’ve done that carrot trick before. It impresses everyone, but is easy to do. I also looked up Ćevapčići. That sounds fantastic! Trust an Englishman to choose the sausage! You know me – I always concentrate on the food. I’m so glad when you show a picture of your meals.

    What a beautiful country! I love all of the small churches and the narrow alleys. Just charming.

    My in laws were over last night and Mike showed his dad the picture of the Shook restaurant. He loved it.