Sunday, August 17, 2014

Catching up

No blog since July 18. I actually got complaints about that. Isn't that nice? People cared that there was no blog? Sooooooo ... I will try to catch up.

Well, what did we do since the last blog? We finally went to Mamma Zu's for lunch. So famous. Not fancy. Very basic. But even Bruce Springsteen likes it.

We had tried once before but it was closed for a holiday.

Not in the best part of town. This is the look from the parking lot. Didn't include the dumpster in the picture.

The food wasn't bad but not the best we ever had. So ... have been there, have done it!

We also went one Saturday to the South Side Farmers Market. I love open markets! So German. But the prices ... in Germany direct from the farmer it's cheaper.

Came home with a huge kohlrabi, leeks and some Chinese greens which the lady said where similar to spinach. Sorry, I forgot the name.

Since James was laid up with his broken ankle we have seen more of Caleb. And yes, his Mom too.
Unfortunately we had some sick time as well. There was some fever which might have had something to do with teething or some ear-infection. Of course he can't go to day care then.
Then he brought the 24 hour stomach bug probably from the day care. He was first on a Saturday when he was in both of his parents care. They had some clean-up to do. But then his mother got it even worse. We helped by bringing him to day care for her. One day later, when Sarah was back at work (in the afternoon 2-10pm) we had to pick him up because Wade had come home from work with the same and was in no shape to take care of Caleb. We kept him even for the night. He is a very easy child and went to sleep in his blow-up travel-bed.

That green frog is always a good entertainer.

Oh yes, he is a good crawler now and things are not safe any longer. Got to watch it!

Oh yes, on July 23 James had his little op to get rid of 2 of the 9 screws. Broke his ankle on William's birthday and had some screws removed on Sarah's birthday.
The Doctor initialed the foot which needed it done. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am and it was quite a drive. So we had to get up at 4:45. Of course nothing happened for a long time after we arrived. They had told us to be there one hour too early anyway.

It was so cold in the hospital that the nurses who took care of James also gave be a warmed blanket.

Of course there is always quilting. I showed in previous blogs this Thursdays "Stitchers for a cause" project when it was in progress at different points. I started with the three donated "orphan block birds" and at every stage had to decide what to do next. I think this is how a "round robin" works (have heard about it).
This is how I gave it up. The clouds fabric on the top doesn't look as threatening as in the photo. Ellen, one of the organizers, wants to machine embroider a bible verse on the top and they want to use it as a wall hanging. All fine with me. The "orphan blocks" got used and it is going for a good cause. And I had a lot of fun.

Who is teaching who how to make these noises? A video here!

Another day - Lunch on the back patio.

Why does the "feeder" always feel like having to open the mouth like the "feeded" should open his?

Just like his Mom he doesn't like the feeling on his naked feet on the grass. It pricks too much.

I am so lucky because James never NEVER gets tired of salads. Once in a while though we feel like something different. The Kohlrabi from the Farmers Market with carrots in a light white sauce. Very German! Steak from the grill and my potatoes how my father used to make them.

A beer is just perfect with that.

Who needs fancy toys if there are kitchen utensils like plastic bowls and wooden spoons?

I want to be brave and do some free-motion quilting. I am not giving up on learning to do this. Layering is done on the garage wall.

Didn't do too bad of a job. You can only get better if you actually practice. Circles and stars on the border.

Hang with magnets and 3M things for the first time. It works.
This wall hanging is not totally done yet though. More to come! I have big plans for it.

Ha-ha, his sippy cup leaked and made a puddle on his tray. Can you see how wet his shirt is?

Poor child had to be undressed and his outfit put in the dryer.

Sarah had come over because she wanted to go shopping and had asked me to come along. Because of the crawling poor Caleb lost some skin on his toes. It was time to get shoes. When his outfit was dry we went.

Caleb waved "bye-bye" when Omi left to go home.

Oh, and then there was the day when James decided that he neither needed the wheelchair nor the crutches any longer. But since we had to buy those and we are getting older ... it makes sense to just hang the stuff in the garage. Murphy's law: if we have it, may be we won't need to use it.

A huge amount of our time (and especially James') was taken up by "Timberly" this past month. That is the townhouse we bought when Sarah entered the VCU Pharmacy program. The market was good but high when we bought it. Her roommates helped with the monthly costs. The house market was bad when Sarah moved out when she bought her own place. We had rented it to different tenants for several years but were just plain tired of it by now. We want to sell it ... but we have to renovate it to do so. Vanities and commodes in the 2 1/2 bathrooms were replaced. And the kitchen got a major upgrade. And walls needed to be repaired and painted. And, and, and.

The tenant was not supposed to have any pets. The carpets all were replaced and the floors needed special treatments.

Kitchen almost done. Isn't this an improvement?

Oh yes, Christa got renovated too. After all, we are going to a wedding in Germany soon. I couldn't stand that mousy hair any longer. Grandma yes, but ...

Besides the different monthly quilt guilt meetings I went to a women's club meeting in somebody's house and the hostess showed me her quilts. Motoko is truly a textile artist.

Saturday August 16: James and I were invited to celebrate Wade's birthday (14th). His parents Mike and Kathy had come for the weekend too.
Kathy enjoys her grandson very much.

But she has to fight for her drink.

Dessert on the newly covered back porch. My contribution: I had made some petite "2-bite-cheesecakes" and sliced fresh peaches. A new recipe I had tried first time. The recipe is a KEEPER

Warning to James: don't fall over Schatzi and Jimmy and hurt your ankle.

News from Nashville:

William loves his new school! They already started the new school year. He loves to go.
He loves Mrs. Kimberly (PLC speech). I think he had her before.

He loves Ms. Sharon in the new preschool.

Sweet William drew a picture for his Mom on his first day. Don't you just want to give him a hug?

And he loves his swimming lessons (every Saturday). Down to just a noodle.
Miss them very much but we have plans for our next visit.

I think I am caught up.

And now? Today? Decision! Decision!

Stay tuned!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading what you have been up to. Love the quilt for church and the tree. Free motion quilting is really hard!

    1. Not more then you do, Diana. I just cramped everything into one blog.

  2. I forgot to ask you if you got a Yoder’s doughnut at the Farmer’s Market. They are incredible. Is there anything sweeter than those rolls of fat on the back of baby’s legs? I used to nibble Jessica’s when she was that age. Glad to see William, too!